Southern Cameroons War: Manyu mourns field commander killed by “friendly fire” 0

The Manyu Ghost Warriors’ media relations released a statement late on Wednesday mourning the death of one of their field commanders that was recently killed by friendly fire.

According to Manyu Ghost Warriors’ media wing, their field commander, General Shina Rambo, recently died after sustaining life-threatening wounds from gunshots fired by a serviceman in his regiment.

The Manyu Self-Defense group loyal to the Southern Cameroons Interim Government did not specify what led to the incident that Shina Rambo sustained these wounds, nor did they mention which area he was deployed at before his death.

Below is the full text made public via the Manyu Global Voice

Beloved brothers and sisters of Manyu:

This is a sad day for us as a people. We have lost one of our bravest warriors.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that General Shina Rambo is no more! Rambo died today, February 20th, 2019, from injuries he sustained from gunshots fired by one of our own in GZ. Details will be brought to you as soon as investigations wrap up.

Kindly join me to convey our heartfelt sympathies to General Rambo’s grieving family and brothers in arms.

Shina will be buried with full Ambazonia/ASC/Manyu Ghost Warriors military honors.

A two-day mourning period has been declared. All unnecessary arguments on the Manyu Global Voice Forum have been suspended during this mourning period.

You shall await further announcements. All MUST abide by this directive. Thanks

RIP Rambo