Taraba killing spree: Cameroon gov’t soldiers put on Amba clothes then shot 11 Nigerians 0

Heavily armed Cameroon government army soldiers put on Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards robes before heading off on their killing mission to Taraba State in Nigeria, Cameroon Intelligence Report has gathered from a well placed source at the Ministry of Defense in Yaoundé.

The Cameroon government soldiers who slaughtered 11 Nigerian civilians and four Southern Cameroons refugees in Taraba were disguised in Ambazonia self defense dress, Cameroon Intelligence Report can now reveal.

The Cameroon government troops who targeted Manga village in Shigom ward of Takum Local Government Area and killed the local chief alongside four notables had standing instructions from Yaoundé, our source said.

People in the know deep within the Nigerian military positions in Taraba also hinted this reporter that those who carried out the attack spoke in French and had the kind of weapons used by Cameroon government special forces, the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR).

First, a group of Cameroon government soldiers arrived the Takum Local Government Area and signaled the 23 Battalion of the Nigerian military command post in Takum that they were inside Nigerian territory on an anti Ambazonia mission. But their real mission was to provide cover for their colleagues disguised in Ambazonia Self Defense dress.

The disguised Francophone soldiers reportedly staged the attacks and were ferried back to their base by elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion.  Eleven Nigerian and four Southern Cameroons civilians were gunned down in Manga.

Speaking to our correspondent in Nigeria, a Taraba man recalled the terrifying scene as the disguised Cameroon government soldiers moved stealthily through Manga looking for more victims during their murderous spree.

In Abuja, a senator representing Taraba South, Hon. Emmanuel Bwacha, raised the alarm that Nigeria’s territorial sovereignty was under threat following the alleged invasion of Manga community in the Takum Local Government Area of Taraba by Ambazonia separatists from Southern Cameroon. His statement was greeted with much relief by pro Biya military officers.

Immediately after the attack, the 23 Battalion of the Nigerian Army, stationed in Takum Local Government Area was on high alert as locals raged about the killings.

So far Yaoundé has refused to comment on the Taraba attack even though Abuja has blamed the attack on Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai