The Anglophone General Conference: Nonsense against nonsense 0

I have so far not heard the proponents of the purported conference call for a halt to the war, the genocide and proposed a ceasefire to pave the way for a proposed international intervention. In the result, the purported conference cannot be in the interest of victims who are systematically being exterminated.

In my close to twenty years doing cases relating to armed conflicts in and out of Africa, I am not aware of any solution to a war declared by a state party to the Geneva Conventions which LRC is,  that commenced with a conference prior to mounting pressure for a cessation of hostilities, a truce or a ceasefire.  The rationale for this is to provide an opportunity for victims’ participation.

Although, I cannot second guess the intention of the organisers of the purported conference, it is as obvious as day follows night, that the outcome of the conference will be teleguided by LRC. LRC made frantic attempts to and did misrepresent through CRTV, the deliberations of ACC II which held in Bamenda. They have just manipulated the results of their own elections. The organisers of the conference are very much aware of the possibility of LRC manipulating the outcome of the conference and building on that to inform their propaganda that either the so-called inclusive dialogue has occurred or that the conference has come out in support of a “one and indivisible Cameroun” sacrificing the victims for the political ambition of a gullible elite once again. Any conference without Paul Biya calling off the war which he declared will benefit LRC and not the victims.

The organisers are insensitive to the plight of victims. By failing as a precondition to  condemn the monstrosity of the genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in which civilians have been targeted, civilians settlements torched, civilians deported from their ancestral lands, their subsistence economy looted or destroyed, many abducted from their homes or foreign lands to concentration camps and underground dungeons in military and paramilitary encampments in violation of international law, women and girls raped and murdered, and all forms of egregious violations imaginable, the proponents of the conference will through this conference provide an opportunity for LRC to shift international focus from their responsibility for these crimes which so far have attracted as we all know, the attention of the Special Adviser of the UN SG on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide and international momentum towards holding the LRC criminal to account is gathering.

For the above reasons, I am of the considered opinion that the idea of a conference at this point in time is a critical misjudgment and will exacerbate rather than attenuate the disastrous effect of the conflict.

Chief Charles Taku

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