Understanding why the Presbyterian Church is now a part of the CPDM crime syndicate 0

Two documents are in circulation calling for Action: one by the Rev Nganji Christian, addressed to the BOT and the other by our brother Victor Epie’Ngome and co. addressing the Pew. All these are part of a common effort to restore sanity to a Church’s governing system that has been gangrened and hijacked by a clique to serve their quest for money and power!

The present calamity was predictable from the moment we committed the fatal error of electing the two top officers of the Synod Office, both coming from the fringe, with neither of them grounded in the workings of the institutions and processes that governed the church they took over to lead.Unfortunately, those of us who saw this coming and warned that it did not bode well for the PCC were booed and treated as enemies of ‘progress’ – whatever progress meant.

Had they heeded the warning and sought wisdom from former officers like the Moderators and Synod Clerks emeriti, the present insanity would have been averted! Rather, the Moderator has arrogated sweeping powers to himself, reducing the Synod Clerk and the rest of Synod Committee Executive to rubber-stamp entities. He listens to no one except his “chief high priest” who claims to have a controlling power over the Buea Administration!

Attempts to draw attention to these insane happenings appear to be falling on deaf ears. His cohorts and sycophants have resorted to brushing aside any issues raised, and raining insults on any individual who raises a dissenting voice. Their purpose is to move the focus away from the inhuman acts and social injustices perpetrated by the “Emperor Moderator”! But facts are stubborn.

  1. How can anyone justify the buying of treasury bonds in a foreign country (Gabon) with Church’s money in private names (Fonki & Ndive)?
  2. How can the Moderator stoop so low by syphoning close to a hundred million CFA from the Church’s account to sponsor “the only child”?
  3. Whence comes this crazy idea of the Church venturing into secular business without any expertise? Was it not a ploy to turn the PCC into a family business? Otherwise how do we explain the Moderator’s wife becoming the main contractor to supply machines, computers/ accessories, and sink boreholes all over PCC?
  4. What has the buying of a 70-seater bus got to do with the buying of TELCO’s machines by the  Moderator? Or is it in line with the fact that the PCC moderator adopted buying and selling of cars as his private venture, over and against the sacredness of the office?
  5. Who can explain the Moderator’s involvement in a private school venture in Douala bearing the name “Presbyterian”, yet not controlled by PEA?
  6. Why is it that only the Moderator and the Financial Secretary know about the so-called Pres Insurance? 7. Whenever has the PCC become so desperate, as a Faith-Based Organizations (FBO), that it must source funding for its projects from the State’s budgets? Why do the Moderator and Financial Secretary receive over 600.000 million from the Ministry of finance under the pretext of conducting PCC elections for 2019? If my predictions are right, is it meant to be shared between the tribes and ethnic groups that have been gearing up with meetings here and there campaigning for Fonki? Since when did the state start sponsoring elections in Churches, and what is the Church supposed to give back in return for that strange favour? Lord Save Your Beloved Church – Uber PCC!

Way forward:

  1. Moderator Fonki Samuel Forba be impeached as moderator and all the allegations on him be investigated by a committee to be set up.
  2. An extraordinary Synod Committee meeting be called up wherein some key persons are co-opted to resolve this ongoing insanity.

Here two things are paramount:

• An apology from the three synod officers for misdirection and • the withdrawal of the 2014 draft constitution in order to guarantee an inclusive synod election –

Pr. Dorothy Njeuma to chair such a committee, with V.Rev. Nyansako ni Nku and retired  Rev Dr J N Dah as co-chairs 3.

If the above two options find no support then this option remains the only way out: the moderator and synod clerk be disqualified from running for this election, together with all others who are members of the current PCC Exco!

Humbly Submitted,

Anye-Mo-Anye Mandzong

The Village Pastor

Souza Parish