War on Corruption: A new tenant in Kondengui 1

There is a new tenant in the Yaounde Central Prison in Kondengui. Jerome Ondobo Mono, Mayor of Ntui in the Mbam and Kim division for over ten years and who also held the position of Chief Financial Officer in the Stabilization Fund of the Cameroon Hydrocarbons Company was recently arrested in a case of embezzlement.

Mr Jerome Ondolo Mono, a chartered member and one of the most prominent barons of the CPDM crime syndicate in his locality, was chairman of the CPDM departmental  coordination committee in the Mbam and Kim northwest (Ngambe Tikar ) at the last renewal of the basic organs of the party.

Rumours had circulated that this elite from Mbam and Kim was invited to meet President Biya at Baden Baden, where the Head of State was stationed during a private trip to Europe to discuss a ministerial portfolio. Ondobo Mono Jerome, we can now reveal is in the central prison in Yaounde and has been charged for siphoning 500 million FCFA.

Ebong Kingsley with files from Cameroon-info.net