We have our International boundaries, We have our flag, We have our anthem; Ambazonia VP 0

Fellow Ambazonians,
My dear brothers and Sisters,

Today, May 20th, the French neo-colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun celebrated their National day. The day before Yesterday, talking to someone on ground zero, I was told the luck down was already activated. I sat back and closely watched what will happen today and you did it. 20th May is no more.

What I deduce from that is;
You are telling the world that Restoration of our statehood is the dearest thing in your hearts.
You are telling the world that it’s independence or resist forever.
You are telling the world that we know who we are and we cannot be cheated once more.
We have our International boundaries;
We have our flag.
We have our anthem.
We have enough resources to do business on our own.
We got our independence on the 21st April 1961 to take effect on the 1st of October 1961.

Now, we are asking the world that, what happened that we are where we are today? The UN, France and the United Kingdom should give us answers.
Fellow Ambazonians, We have seen our loved ones killed or torched, our homes, churches burned down.

My heart goes to you people of mile 8 Mankon and many who have lost loved ones and everything. Stay resilient because what the LRC military are doing can be summed up as the last kick of a dying horse. My team and I are willing to give any support we can at this time of crisis and will want to assure you that your homes will be rebuilt when this is over.

I want to commend the courage of the Christians of Ramah Church in mile 8, who despite the fact that their church building was burnt down, they held an open service yesterday and sang the song, higher we dey go. A song of hope for a better tomorrow May God bless you all.

My heart goes to that lady with 5 children that her late husband left her with. Their compound which was the only source of revenue for their sustenance was burned down completed. My fellow brothers and sisters, if you can offer her shelter or any kind of help, please do. I want to extend our gratitude to the gallant men and women of our self-defense forces, whom less than 3 years ago were mere students, teachers, farmers, bike rides and simple citizens, but today you are risking everything to protect the homeland.

On behalf of the people of Ambazonian, I want to say thank you for your dedication to the struggle and your effort to completely put 20th May in the graveyard. It was buried today. You have shown the world you have total control of homeland. My team and I pledge our total support to you and will make sure that you have what is needed to defend homeland responsibly.

My heart goes to the family of the baby who was shot today in Muyuka while Paul Biya celebrates. Take heart. His blood hasn’t been spilled in vain. I will work hard to make Buea a reality. I pray the Lord comfort you and all the bereaved in our land. To our chiefs, I say, you must not take any of the humiliation from this regime anymore. We are almost there and when we are there you will take your seats in our house of chiefs.

To our refugees in Nigeria especially Ogaga where there is a food problem, you shall be getting some support soon.

Fellow Ambazonians, I want to caution you not be carried away by distractions but rest assured, we are working very hard for you. Hard work means prosperity.
We have work to do not blackmailing others.
We have work to do, not to slandering others and putting us in hate groups.
We have work to do, not leading with lies and half-truths to bring fear or worry about the state of our revolution. This revolution is sound and safe in our hands and my team and I will stop at nothing to deliver.

Our revolution is repositioning in the right direction. A direction full of hope and with a resolve to bring us together for this last push to Buea. I count on your support to help my team and I push through. Ambazonia is first.

This revolution is all about you, less about me, we are in this together, Ambazonia first.
Long live the FRA,
Short live the struggle.