Who decides if President Biya is unfit to serve? Amougou Belinga 0

In Cameroon, the head of state is not required to pass mental health exams or psychological and psychiatric evaluations even after staying in power for 40 years. No Cameroonian psychologists and members of both the National Assembly and the so-called House of Senate have called for such mental health exams mindful of the fact that President Biya is now 89 years old.

The idea of requiring President Paul Biya to undergo mental health exams is considered a treasonable act. Consequently, there is no panel of physicians who would routinely evaluate the most powerful politician in Cameroon and decide whether his judgment such as the declaration of war against the people of Southern Cameroons was clouded by a mental disability.

This week, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the television channel Vision 4, Amougou Belinga fired Dieudonne Essomba, a senior political analyst who opined that President Paul Biya was no longer fit for office.

The French Cameroun political commentator had been invited to sing the normal CPDM praises on Biya who turned 89. However, the outspoken Dieudonne Essomba instead told the world via Club d’elites that Biya is now unable to lead Cameroon. Essomba furthered “At 89 years old, one cannot manage a country. Biya who is 89 years old is at 25% of his capacity.”

In a statement published by the Groupe L’Anecdote accompanied by Essomba’s picture, Vision 4 said Dieudonne Essomba’s contract had been terminated.

We would like to advise the public that Dr. Dieudonne Essomba, who was a consultant, in the capacity of guest speaker in Club d’elites, is no longer a member of staff with immediate effect. Vision 4 disassociates itself completely with any statements, be they political or of any other nature, that he has made in the past or may make to the press in the future.”

Vision 4 also removed the video of the Club d’elites program from its face book and YouTube pages.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai