Women and Children main victims of French Cameroun’s war on Southern Cameroons 0

A fact-finding mission under the direct supervision of Acting President Samuel Sako has revealed that French Cameroun’s ongoing military aggression against the people of Southern Cameroons has put hundreds of Ambazonian women and children at risk of death, starvation and disease both in the Cross River State in Nigeria and on ground zero.

The mission that recently concluded its work in both the Southern and Northern zones including the Federal Republic of Nigeria submitted a 54-page document to President Sako on Thursday the 2nd of August 2018 stating that around 12,000 Southern Cameroonians – half of them women and children — are leaving the war-ravaged Southern Cameroons territory every day, bringing the total number of internally displaced Ambazonians to more than 187, 000.

The President Sako Commission also observed that the Southern Cameroons economy is in tatters and has greatly affected health and sanitation facilities throughout the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. The Interim Government (IG) is reportedly doing what they can to keep Southern Cameroonians alive but ultimately; their efforts are just a sticking plaster on a gaping wound.

85 year-old President Biya and several of French Cameroun allies, including the French government, launched a brutal war against the English speaking people of Southern Cameroons in an attempt to continue with the French Cameroun vicious policy of marginalization and exploitation of the Southern Cameroons territory and crush the popular Southern Cameroons revolution.

The Southern Cameroons territory has been under aerial and maritime siege by the Francophone dominated army. The blockade is preventing medicines and other critical commodities from reaching thousands of Ambazonians currently living in the bushes and in some rural areas.

The French Cameroun imposed war on Southern Cameroons has killed and injured thousands of Ambazonians. At least 36 were killed after a French Cameroun military helicopter hit a hospital inside the Nguti sub constituency. A round of fresh French Cameroun army onslaught left several Southern Cameroonians dead and many others injured in Batibo, Kumba, Belo, Mamfe, Wum, Bamenda, Muyuka, Bekora, Alou, Ndop and Azi.

The governor of Cross River State in Nigeria warned in a recent statement that his state no longer have the means to accommodate the huge influx of Southern Cameroonians and many of the Ambazonian refugees were struggling to find food, water and medicine.

A Roman Catholic priest was quoted as saying that President Biya and his French Cameroun political elites were waging a war of genocide against Southern Cameroons women and children as very few places are now safe for a Southern Cameroons child.

A UN delegation was refused access to the territory by the Biya Francophone regime. Elsewhere, the International Crisis Group was told to leave Cameroon or face severe consequences. The Ambazonian Interim Government has also warned of the risks that the war has posed against pregnant Southern Cameroons women and those living with HIV.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai