Yaounde: Biya Francophone regime orders arrest/kidnap of Ambazonian leaders abroad 0

Ambazonian Acting President Dr.  Samuel Ikome Sako, Communications Secretary Chris Anu including the former leaders of the Southern Cameroons struggle Mark Bareta, Tapang Ivo, and John Mbah Akuroh, are amongst those targeted by the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime in Yaoundé.

According to a facsimile of an unverifiable order purportedly issued by the National Police boss, Mbarga Nguele, Cameroon ambassadors in the countries concerned have been directed to leverage support of the international police (INTERPOL) to enforce the directive with the utmost urgency and secrecy; suggesting, some activists might be secretly kidnapped where possible or summarily executed by hit men paid by the regime.

“The press release appears to be an act of desperation, but if Biya thinks western countries are Banana republics like Nigeria, then he is mistaken. Any attempt to arrest, kidnap let alone assassinate any Ambazonia activists abroad, without due process, will obviously spark the beginning of the end of the regime” noted our contributing editor in the USA.

The Diaspora has been financing the war and the fighters on the ground have been giving the government a run for its money. So far, more than 1,000 army soldiers have been killed while it is estimated that some 3,000 civilians have been murdered by French Cameroun government troops.

The government’s strategy of collective punishment and the burning of home have not produced the desired results. On the contrary, they have been counterproductive.  Many moderate Southern Cameroonians have been radicalized by the government’s strategy and this is making it hard for the soldiers to wrap up things militarily.

In a desperate move, the government has issued a warrant of arrest for many members of the Interim Government, including Dr. Sako Ikome and Mr. Chris Anu. The warrant, signed by the country’s national security chief, Martin Mbarga Nguele, urges all Cameroon embassies abroad to take appropriate measures and if possible kill those whose names feature on the warrant. The government seems to have been cornered. It is fighting with its back to the wall. A war it thought it could wrap up in a few weeks is unfortunately taking too long.

By Chi Prudence Asong and Kingsley Betek