Yaoundé: Biya regime to approve dual citizenship 0

The Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé is moving slowly but surely towards approving dual citizenship laws as a move to end the crisis in Southern Cameroons and encourage Cameroonians living in the diaspora to support the so-called one and indivisible political fabrication.

Some docile French Cameroun MPs now say both Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun diaspora are a great partner in economic development whose relocation from their homeland should cease to be seen as a brain drain or loss.

A group of prominent members of parliament from the ruling CPDM crime syndicate have all supported a 421-page document comprising 1,245 articles whose purpose is to reform inter alia, the Civil Code, the Nationality Code and the organization of civil status in Cameroon.

The new law proposed by Biya and his Essingan gang seeks to provide a solution to the problem of dual nationality that was prohibited by the law of 11 June 1968 in Cameroon.

 Cameroon Concord News Group understands dual nationality has always caused tensions and polemics because of its application by the French Cameroun authorities with President Biya, Adolphe Moudiki of SNH, tennis super star Yannick Noah and football legends Samuel Eto’o, Patrick Mboma and Roger Milla allowed to move in and out of the country with European passports.

The predominantly French Cameroun MPs recently opined that Southern Cameroonians and French Cameroun citizens  living abroad can still contribute effectively to the Cameroonian economy without having to leave their foreign adopted countries.

The focus of the divided National Assembly in Yaoundé now is to work and develop modalities on how this engagement can be actualized without putting President Biya and his family at risk of losing power.

A well-placed source deep within the CPDM Central Committee who spoke to Cameroon Concord News but sued for anonymity pointed out that Biya and his acolytes were shifting their thinking after realizing that Cameroonians abroad can help the country immensely while living abroad.

Prime Minister Dion Ngute is expected to appeal to all Cameroonians who lost their citizenship to apply for reinstatement immediately when the new law is promulgated. Chief Dr. Dion Ngute is pushing for a united Cameroon as a nation to have strong bonds with its diaspora citizens who contribute a lot to Cameroon’s economic development.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai