Yaounde: Coup d’état in the offing 0

Rumors of a coup d’etat are rife among military personnel in Yaounde after the Constitutional Council completed its job and it is obvious that Mr. Biya will be declared the winner of the October 7 presidential poll. A source close to the military headquarters has indicated that a group of Beti officers and politicians are coming up with a plan B just in case Cameroonians kick Mr. Biya out of power.

The source hinted that some four Beti army generals and some politicians, including the Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo and Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o had been meeting secretly to plan a coup in the event that Mr. Biya yielded to the demands of the people. Their objective is to ensure that power does not leave their region, especially as Mr. Biya is showing signs of fragility and is capable of yielding to international pressure.

Our source who elected anonymity said if the coup succeeded, power would be handed to former Defense Minister Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o for him to protect all those who had served under Mr. Biya. Our source added that Mr. Fame Ndongo and his group have already imported arms, using a parallel means to ensure other Cameroonians are kept in the dark.

It is also rumored that the arms found in Foumban and Bangante were part of the Fame Ndongo plot. The source stressed that some Betis wanted to see the country sink into chaos as this would prove that after Biya, there could only be chaos which they want to exploit to hang on to power.

The October 7 presidential poll seems to be bad news to the country. Ever since Prof. Kamto declared that he had won the election, the country has been on edge. Things came to a head when the Constitutional Council on Friday rejected all claims by the opposition that the election had been rigged in favor of the incumbent.  From every indication, Mr. Biya will be announced on Monday as the winner of the poll and that will extend his stay in power by seven years.

It should be recalled that Mr. Biya has been in power for 36 years after taking over power in 1982. While arrangements for his swearing-in are ongoing, the opposition, for its part, is mobilizing the population to ensure the people’s vote is protected.

It is gradually emerging that the hearings at the constitutional Council were simply part of scheme designed by the ruling crime syndicate do deceive the population and the international community. Even before the hearings wound up, an agenda for the proclamation of results had been designed and guests invited for the event had received their invitations about three days ago.

It should be recalled that all the submissions and pleas of the opposition had been rejected and from there, it was clear that the Constitutional Council was determined to declare Paul Biya the winner of the election, though he had not campaigned and so many irregularities had been pointed out by lawyers and eyewitnesses.

Cameroon seems to be heading for tough times. After 36 years in power, Mr. Biya might leave his country in total chaos as the population seeks ways of unseating the sit-tight dictator. The international news must take a second look at Cameroon which is the economic engine of the region. Any chaos in the country might throw the entire sub-region into a tailspin.

By Kingsley Betek