Yaounde: Director of Presidential Security General Ivo Yenwo is reportedly in a coma after declining health 0

There has been so much media speculation about the health of the Director of the Presidential Security, General Ivo Yenwo.  The military leader who hails from Southern Cameroons has not been seen in the public eye for more than a year now. Ivo Yenwo was even suspected to be dead last year. Now, a Cameroon Intelligence Report source in Yaoundé has reported that the army general is in a coma.

Our informant with strong ties to the General Ivo Yenwo family has assessed him to be in a very poor state, but his life has not ended.  This is coming after several previous speculations that the soldier who reportedly protected President Biya during the April 6 failed coup was already dead after failing to make public appearances for over a year.

Six months ago, he was expected to appear before the Special Criminal Court in Yaoundé over an issue linked to one of the bodyguards of National Assembly Speaker, Cavaye Djibril but this did not help with the rumors of his death. The general has not shown up for many important military occasions and events and this has become a very big deal.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai