Yaoundé: Etoudi confirms arrest of Amougou Belinga 0

Taking stock of the investigation opened to shed light on the assassination of the famous presenter of the program “Embouteillages” on Amplitude FM in Yaoundé, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the Minister of State and Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic has issued a press release making public the position of the 89-year President Biya.

Ngoh Ngoh revealed that some suspects of the murder of Martinez Zogo have been arrested “The hearings underway and the legal proceedings that will follow, will allow circumscribing the degree of involvement of some and others and establishing the identity of all persons involved in one way or another in the murder of Martinez Zogo” Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh noted.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that Amougou Belinga is one of the 22 suspects arrested by elements of the General Directorate for External Research.

In this tragic circumstance, the Head of State wishes to pay tribute to the late journalist Martinez Zogo and reiterate his support to the entire profession,” said Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh.

Minister Ngoh Ngoh added that the “Head of State reiterates to the family of the deceased his most saddened condolences and assures them of the compassion of the entire nation.”

Here is the Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh communiqué