Yaoundé’s political spin on the arson attack on St. Mary parish Nchang 0

The arson attack on St. Mary parish in Nchang Village some few kilometers from Mamfe, the chief town in Manyu Division still shrouded in mystery, has fueled angry reactions among Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora.

The people of Cameroon are entitled to know what happened in Nchang, and the circumstances in which the Roman Catholic clerics were abducted and then released in far away Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The authorities in Yaoundé are legally and morally obliged to probe the matter without fear or favour and douse the raging flames of anger with justice and accountability.

However, it now seems Yaoundé is maintaining a kind of silence of the lamb as fingers are pointing at senior Cameroon government officials for being responsible for the attacks on Roman Catholic clerics in Southern Cameroons.

Cameroon Intelligence Report will make public our findings this weekend in an investigative report: The Kidnapping of priests of the Mamfe Diocese and matters arising!!

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