All Francophone civil administrators, army soldiers must leave Ambazonia except Roman Catholic clerics 0

The Southern Cameroons Secretary of the Economy Hon. Tabenyang Brado has said that all Francophone civil administrators and Francophone army soldiers are considered by Ambazonia Restoration Forces as occupiers and therefore must leave the Ambazonian homeland.  Tabenyang Brado stressed that the French Cameroun regime in Yaoundé should pull out all its military and civil administrators from Southern Cameroons except Roman Catholic clerics.

Comrade Tabenyang Brado made the remarks in an interview with Cameroon Concord News on Tuesday, alleging that soon and very soon Vice President Dabney Yerima and French Cameroun’s Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh will agreed on the matter.

Yaoundé will accept very soon that all its army soldiers and administrators except Roman Catholic clerics will have to leave Southern Cameroons and this issue has long been stated by President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe” Tabenyang furthered.

For over four years now, Cameroon government troops, its police force and its gendarmerie have been incapable of providing Southern Cameroons with security.

“Had the so-called armee du Cameroun and BIR been capable of securing Ambaland, they would have done so over their 59-year-long occupation of the country” Tabenyang Brado said.

By Chi Prudence Asong