Ambazonia and the Nsalai Law Firm: Extending the frontiers of genocide 0

Cameroon Concord News and Cameroon Intelligence Report have seen an alleged complaint filed against Cameroon Concord Person of the Year Communication Secretary of the Ambazonian Interim Government (IG) Chris Anu by a front for the genocidal regime of French Cameroun so-called Nsalai Law Firm, of 3250 Wilshire Blvd Ste 1500 Los Angeles, CA 90010.  The so-called complaint is nothing but another attempt by French Cameroun to extend the frontiers of its genocidal Campaign against Ambazonia and persons of Ambazonia origin residing in foreign countries based on their Ambazonia nationality, or ethnicity.

The determination by French Cameroun to extend the frontiers of its preplanned genocidal campaign was obvious from the abduction of the President of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia His Excellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, members of the Interim Government followed by the abduction of 36 other Ambazonia refugees in Taraba state of Nigeria and 8 others in Calabar. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of others have died or massacred in cross-border attacks in their places of refuge in Nigeria. These cross-border massacres have been facilitated by a cartel of corrupt deal makers in the immediate intelligence and political entourage of President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria.

Cameroon Concord News Group can authoritatively assert with proof that Hon Chris Anu is targeted because of his ferocious opposition to the genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and international conspiracies by criminal networks to launder these crimes across international borders. By this act of blackmail, the Nsalai Law Firm has emerged as one of the kingpins of this international conspiracy.   The action of the Nsalai Law Firm comes on the hills of repeated failed international warrants of arrests issued by Martin Mbarga Nguele, the Delegate General of National Security of French Cameroun for the arrest of Secretary Chris Anu and Southern Cameroons-Ambazonians who are standing between the criminal conduct of French Cameroun and the genocide of Ambazonians.  The successful campaign against these international crimes led by Secretary Chris Anu and the international reaction is eliciting and has alarmed and overwhelmed the genocidal regime. The crime syndicate has awoken to the reality that at long last, its many criminal tentacles notwithstanding, its days of accountability for the impunity and international criminality are near, hence the desperate resort to blackmail using infantile antics and tactics such as the so-called complaint brought Nsalai Law Firm to a US congressman.

The so-called Law Firm pompously style “International Law Firm” whatever that means, is nothing but a sham, a fey man’s scheme intended to blackmail and distract the attention of Secretary Chris Anu, the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and Ambazonians engaged in the struggle to defend the civilian population of Ambazonia, from defending and protecting the people of Ambazonia. Pursuing accountability by the criminal regime of French Cameroun for the impunity and criminality of its criminal conduct is a nightmare to the crime syndicate.  The resort to blackmail through smear campaigners such as the Nsalai Law Firm, abductions, assassination plots and even corruption are desperate attempts to subvert the efforts by campaigners for self-defense, accountability and international justice and an end to impunity.  Hon Chris Anu has distinguished himself as an advocate of true American values of fighting international criminality. Thanks to his efforts and that of many Southern Cameroons leaders and activists, the voices of the victims of genocide are being heard world-wide, in the parliaments of democratic countries such as the USA, Britain, Canada, Germany etc. For this purpose, only a demented lawyer can urge a Congressman to interfere with the constitutionally protected rights of a US victims’ rights advocate through blackmail that benefits the perpetrator of the crimes against which his campaign is targeting.   This desperate attempt by Paul Biya and his crime syndicate to attain their target in the US and other parts of the civilized world through these dire failed tactics must fail.

The Nsalai Law Firm is retained for this blackmail with money stolen from the rape of the natural and petroleum resources of the Southern Cameroons- Ambazonia.  Money obtained from the plunder of the resources of Ambazonia has been used to commit sordid crimes such as abductions and the blackmail and threats against Ambazonia activists residing in the USA and other countries.  A close reading of the so-called complaint establishes that it is not meant to succeed or be acted upon. It is a scheme to justify further criminal activities by French Cameroun which the lobbyists it retained could not accept to carryout for fear of violating US law.

The so-called Nsalai Law Firm, as its address portray, is based in Los Angeles, California. What mandate does this so-called firm have apart from blackmail in requesting a congressman in New Hampshire to investigate one of his constituents for alleged federal crimes when the congress man is not a law enforcement agent?  The complainant must have inherited the criminal mindset of his deceased father who as a member of the Biya crime syndicate spied on and betrayed Southern Cameroonians. Many were tracked down and detained or killed for agitating for their freedom from the grips of the genocidal regime.  His father like his son in this action did not require legitimate law enforcement to satisfy his pecuniary interests through criminal services to his master and god Paul Biya.  He used every means including blackmail, extra-judicial abductions, detentions and disappearances. Unfortunately for his adventurous son, he is in a different world where the rule of law is alive. The American Constitution stands as a shield against the actions of the crime syndicate through the Nsalai Law Firm and the lobbyists retained by Biya to propagate the blackmail hoping to shift the focus on the international crimes committed by Paul Biya which have been denounced by the USA and other Governments and International Organizations.

The quality of legal practice of this individual must be called to question even by laymen whom we are in law.  Some years back, he brought a frivolous case against SONEL for unidentified clients in a California Court.  That case was a scam on the public and some gullible people who believed that a US court in California could entertain such a frivolous litigation without jurisdiction. The case died off and no one has heard about it ever.  This did not deter this law firm from bringing a similar frivolous law suit against Tapang Ivo in California where he does not reside and for alleged acts which were neither committed within the jurisdiction of the said court, nor against identifiable US citizens residing within the jurisdiction of the said court.   The complaint against the Hon Chris Anu to a US congressman in New Hampshire by this law firm authorized to practice law in California warrants investigation of the law firm for competency to practice law at all.

It is an open secret known to the Hon US Congressman that the genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and multiple violations against Southern Cameroons have been subject of US Congressional hearings.  Politicians, activists, experts and officials of the US State Department have testified before the US Congress about the monstrous violations committed by the genocidal regime of French Cameroun in and out of the territory of Ambazonia.   The US Congressman to whom he filed his blackmailing complaint may have watched thousands of Ambazonians in the US take to the streets of Washington DC and New York to protest and appeal and ask for urgent US and UN intervention to halt the genocide and bring the perpetrators to account for their crimes.  The Congressman may have listened to the UN Security Council debate urging French Cameroun to abate the crimes and for full accountability for their crimes.  The UN Congressman may be aware of the towering and commendable effort made by the Hon Chris Anu, the Interim Government and multiple, individual and collective efforts by Ambazonians the world over and at home to defend the people against the genocide and to assist hundreds of thousands of refugees in neighbouring countries and internally displaced.  He may have seen reports of hundreds of civilian settlements torched by French Cameroun soldiers and the use of chemical weapons to exterminate Southern Cameroons-Ambazonian citizens.  He may have read reports of the rape of girls in the University of Buea, the use of rape as weapons of war to humiliate and dehumanize Southern Cameroons women and girls by Cameroun soldiers on the orders of their superiors.  He must have learnt of the abduction, detention and forceful deportation of Americans of Southern Cameroons origin who arrived Cameroun with valid visas on the sole basis of their Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia citizenship or affinity.

The government of French Cameroun has not denied any of these crimes and indeed one of its generals Brigadier Melingui confessed that soldiers under his command torched civilian settlements on a widespread and systematic basis and rather than punish the soldiers, he was relieved of his command.  Also, the Senior Divisional Officer for Manyu, one UM II signed a deportation order forcing hundreds of thousands of Ambazonia citizens from their ancestral lands to Nigeria and then ordered a systematic looting and torching of the civilian settlements.   One George Tabetando boasted to an audience in Buea that he and Mafany Musonge approached Paul Biya to impose an internet ban in the territory of Ambazonia which lasted three months. Mafany Musonge denied his involvement in this criminal act.  The US Congressman may have read reports of this internet ban of three months, the longest in the world. This criminal conduct which was facilitated by  internet providers among them MTN which is listed in the New York Stock Exchange and thus subject to US law, was intended to conceal international media scrutiny of the elaborate crimes that are perpetrated by the genocidal regime of French Cameroun.   The US Congressman may be aware that thousands of Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia citizens are abducted from their homes and carried to detention and concentration centres in French Cameroun and subjected to a  Beti-Bulu ethnic constituted  court-martial.

The efforts of Secretary Chris Anu in denouncing these crimes and mobilizing the civilized world to urgently intervene and to hold the criminals to account earned him the Cameroon Concord News Group Man of the Year Award. Cameroon Concord News and the Cameroon Intelligence Report stand by him against the smear campaign and blackmail by the crime syndicate this time using its front the Nsalai Law Firm.  This blackmail must be countered by advocates of the international rule of law and all international victims’ organizations out to confront the ongoing genocide in the Southern Cameroons- Amabazonia. Cameroon Concord News Group calls on the California bar association to urgently conduct an investigation on the potentially unprofessional, unethical and criminal activities of this law firm and mete out the appropriate sanctions provided by the ethical code of conduct of the bar.

Cameroon Concord News Group strongly urge victims’ rights association worldwide to stand with the Ambazonia people. They should harken to the call by Hon Chris Anu, the Interim Government of Ambazonia, Ambazonia Rights Activists and all Ambazonians for the immediate and unconditional freedom of the President of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, members of the IG and thousands of Ambazonians held in captivity.  They should support the call for the disbanding of the ethnically composed legal wing established to enforce the genocide so-called court-martial. The international community and victims’ rights organisations worldwide should strongly support the fight against genocide, impunity and international criminality committed by the government of French Cameroun against the territory and people of Ambazonia.  This struggle must be fought and won and the criminal bands committing the genocide must vacate the territory of an independent and free Ambazonia.  Cameroon Concord News Group once more congratulate Hon Secretary Chris Anu for winning the Cameroon Concord Person of the Year Award based on his distinguished efforts at alerting the conscience of the free world to the genocide in the Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia and his crusade for accountability and an end to impunity of French Cameroun.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai