Ambazonia fronline leader released after brief arrest in Ghana 0

One of the frontline leaders of the Ambazonia separatist movement Ebenezer Akwanga was on Friday arrested and questioned by security forces in Ghana before he was later released, sources have confirmed.

The Bureau of National Investigations, Ghana’s intelligence agency, is said to have taken in Ebenezer Akwanga for questioning which lasted for over an hour before he was released.

At the time of his arrest, Akwanga who heads the Southern Cameroons Defense Forces (SOCADEF), one of the armed groups in the restive Anglophone regions, was holding a meeting on the Anglophone crisis at the University of Ghana with some Cameroonians.

Sources say he was only later released after the intervention of former Ghanaian President John Rawlings but we cannot independently verify the claims. Ebenezer Akwanga has spent the past weeks in Ghana where they he has been lobbying support for international mediation into the crisis in Cameroon.

Source: Journal du Cameroon