Ambazonia: Head of State calls on Anglophone MPs to leave Yaoundé and return to Buea 0

November 23rd 2017

Dear Members of Parliament,

Dear Fellow Ambazonians,


Video footage of the goings-on in Yaoundé which have reached us this morning evokes the message in the book of Daniel 5ff. That the illustrious SDF MPs took to the floor of the National Assembly to intone Amba protest songs is a historic moment, no less portentious than the fiery denunciation which Hon. Joseph Wirba delivered from that same podium almost a year ago.

We salute these MPs for their courage and patriotism. We urge the people of their respective constituencies to show them support in anyway possible.

Surely, our fifty-six-year misadventure with the Republic of Cameroun must be coming to a close, in a no less dramatic fashion. The peace plants the MPs brandished today are close figurative equivalents of “Benevolent Neutrality” which foreshadowed our peoples’ decisive exit from another entangling alliance more than six decades ago.That singular action was a catalyst to the of our own nation in 1954. In the same way the withdrawal of all our MPs  will crystallise the restoration of that Nation.

The events of 1st October , 2017 were a stark reminder that, as leaders, they have been deserted by their people in the inhospitable land called the Republic of Cameroun. If the lawmakers are still in the service of their constituents, they will muster the courage to follow their constituents’ demands.

It remains the official position of this administration that once our MPs formally tender their resignation, a sergeant-at-arms will receive the credentials of ALL of them who choose to leave Yaoundé and assume their rightful place in the peoples’ house in Buea. The longer they wait, the more risk they expose their people to; incivility, mayhem, extortion, terrorism, and savagery. No doubt so many CPDM MPs can’t face the facts from their SDF peers.

We, therefore, once again invite all Southern Cameroons MPs to make the only decision this historic moment demands of them: leave Yaoundé and return to Buea. We urge them to do so while they still have the choice. As the Book of Daniel tells us, the writing is on the wall; however, unlike Belshazzar, the king of Babylon, they may still have time to be exalted by their people. A history of the Cameroons is being rewritten, and we hope they will be on right side of it. All it takes is for them to do the RIGHT thing as representatives of their people.



SISIKU Julius AyukTabe

President, Interim Government