Ambazonia Independence Day 2019: Read full speech of Vice President Dabney Yerima 0

Fellow Ambazonians,

Twenty-four months ago today, we, the people of Ambazonia, made a momentous decision to restore our independence. That significant resolution gave birth to the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. On the 1st of October 2017, we affirmed the statement that all men are created equal with SAME inalienable rights. Amongst these rights are; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For fifty-six years prior, we, the people of Southern Cameroons, lived under an illegal annexation and occupation by French La Republique du Cameroun. 

 My fellow southern Cameroonians, my fellow Ambazonians, my fellow people, today is your 1st October, today is your day, today represents more than anything the strongest symbol of our resistance. On this day we remember the greats like ALBERT MUKONG, CHIEF AYAMBA, MARTIN LUMA, MOLA NJOH LITUMBE, AMBASSADOR FOSSUNG, PA NFOR NFOR, NGALA, PROFESSOR CARLSON AYANGWE, GOVERNOR ACHU MOFOR, JUSTICE EBONG, DR ARNOLD YONGBANG and many more. On this day we remember the fallen represented by SAM SAWYER, BABY MARTHA, MAMI APPIA brutally slain by French Cameroon terrorist forces. In all of this, we are defined as an unstoppable generation and must celebrate as we match triumphantly towards reclaiming our land. 

 Fellow Ambazonians,

 The last two years have been challenging and bloody. Since our restoration of independence, more than 10,000 of our people have been brutally murdered by the regime in Yaoundé. More than 270 of our villages have been burned down. The United Nations and other respected international agencies report that there are more than half a million internally displaced persons (IDPs). There are more than 150,000 refugees living in neighboring Nigeria and other countries. Life has become unbelievably difficult for many who still live in Ambazonia.

 The question often asked of me by Ambazonians and some of its well-wishers during my travels and meetings is- was it worth it? Was our restoration of independence worth the suffering and the sacrifices thus far? My answer is an emphatic YES. In answering this, let me draw your attention to the fact that international law is unequivocal that people have the right to determine their own destiny, including their political status. The rights to selfdetermination is enshrined in the UN Charter, and clarified in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Yes, it was right that we discontinued the annexation of our land. The idea that freedom and independence can be given by occupiers is a delusion.

 Today, I want us to consider the theme; Let us rebuild together- owning our space. 

 It was never going to be easy as a new state after the 1st of October 2017. The neo-colonial French Cameroun regime was never going to leave our nation voluntarily and peacefully. But their barbarism and murder have shocked all. From Kwakwa to Bafut Palace, from Muyuka to Batibo, from Pinyin to Mamfe, from Akwaya to Njong village in Santa, they have unleashed killings and genocidal crimes upon our people. The currency of the regime in Yaoundé is massacre. Their aim is to impart fear and maximum damage on us with the pretext that their failed annexation of Southern Cameroons makes the two Cameroons one and indivisible. As Southern Cameroonians, we must debunk this falsehood. 

Over the last two years, some of the bravest soldiers our land would ever produce have fallen. My thoughts are with their souls and their families.  Their great service to our nation shall never be forgotten. Four months old, baby Martha, who was shut in the head by the forces of the regime in Yaoundé, and the thousands of our people who have been violently and thoughtlessly murdered by the regime in Yaoundé will remain in our memories forever. The glorious fallen shall rise again. MY FELLOW AMBAZONIANS, MY FELLOW PEOPLE, JOIN ME LETS OBSERVE A MINUTE OF SILENCE IN HONOUR OF THE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF OUR PEOPLE SLAUGTHERED BY FRENCH CAMEROONS BRUTAL MILITARY FORCES AS A RESULT OF THEIR SENSELESS WAR.

 The world is aware that Atanga Nji and others in La Republique du Cameroun are operating militias in Ambazonia with the sole aim of kidnapping, terrorizing, maiming and slaughtering our people. Their cruelties are being recorded and circulated on social media to paint a deplorable picture of our restoration forces. As a government, we urge all our restoration forces to respect our civilian population at all times. These crimes perpetrated by the regime in Yaoundé shall be laid bare for the world to see in not too distant a future. WE REMAIN FULLY COMMITTED TO THE PROTECTION OF ALL CIVILIAN POPULATIONS AND TO THE RESPECT OF ALL INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW.

 Our REVOLUTIONARY LEADER AND President Sisiku AyukTabe, and his leadership team were abducted on the 5th of January 2018 at the NERA Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria and unlawfully returned to La Republique du Cameroun two weeks after. After a charade of a trial at the military tribunal in Yaoundé lasting nine months, on the 19th of August 2019, they were all given life sentences despite the Abuja High Court RULING/declaration that their abduction was unlawful and ordered their return to Nigeria. Their courage and unflinching determination continue to be a continuous source of inspiration for us as a nation.

 The role of the diaspora in our struggle is vital. From demonstrations at embassies to lobbying in the US Congress, BRITISH HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND ALL OTHERS, from fundraising to political activism, the diaspora’s role has increasingly become forceful and needed. But, over the last few months, [SOME], in the diaspora have lost [THEIR] focus. [THESE] have directed [THEIR] energies shamefully into attacking [OTHER AMBAZONIANS RATHER THAN KEEPING THEIR RELENTLESS EFFORTS TOWARDS ROOTING OUT THE OCCUPAYER FROM EVERY INCH OF AMBAZONIA]. [THESE] have taken [THEIR] eyes off the prize. The time for this to stop is now. Has the goal-Buea- become insignificant? 

 As we celebrate our second anniversary, my message to the diaspora is simple- UNITE, UNITE FOR THE FREEDOM OF HOMELAND LIKE GROUND ZERO. The significance of unity has never been more crucial. We unite now or we perish. Unity now or the memories of all our fallen heroes become futile. When I look at the diaspora, I don’t see the CONSORTIUM, SCOOP, APLM, AGovC, IG, SCACUF, MORISC, SCEW, SCAW, ROA, SCNC, etc, I see you ALL AS VEHICLES ORDAINLY CREATED TO FREE HOMELAND; l SEE YOU ALL AS MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Let’s have honest conversations and debates to build alliances which will focus on the bigger picture- Buea. WE HAVE STARTED THIS PROJECT OF BUILDING ALLIANCES AND ASK THAT WE ALL GET THIS WORK FOR OUR PEOPLE, WE DO THIS FOR THE SAKE OF HOMELAND, FOR THE SAKE OF THE FALLEN.

 Smear and destructive commentary of other frontline movements is unacceptable. Any activity from anyone or group that adds value to our revolution should be applauded not derided. We have diverse networks, opinions and directions but the core foundation remains our main goal- Buea. Our energy and resources should be directed to fighting a fierce and determined enemy. 

The fight for independence and freedom is not for the fainthearted. We take inspiration from the lives of Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther Walter Sisulu, Mahatma Ghandi, PATRICE LUMUMBA, THOMAS  SANKARA and many greats of the past. Their stories do open our eyes unto the gigantic prize of freedom and independence even when our bodies are too weak to carry us. Their stories must inspire us to guard against slander and blackmail of fellow comrades. A house divided against itself cannot stand. As a nation, we need to stand together in other to fight together. Fighting together, we shall cross the finish line together to taste the sweet victory and build one of the greatest nations the world has ever seen in Ambazonia.

 Over two weeks ago, President Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun announced a national dialogue.  The Interim Government is open and ready for negotiations but we wouldn’t be conned by Mr Biya’s public stunt. If he really wants dialogue, it should be on neutral ground with impartial mediators. Any negotiations or dialogue without the involvement of our LEADERSHIP in his detention PLAYING FRONT ROLE IS unacceptable. We would continue to defend our people, land and property until the moment for serious negotiations arises. LET US REMIND MR BIYA AND HIS ADMINISTRATION THAT THE RELEASE OF OUR LEADERS AND ALL AMBAZONIAN POLITICAL PRISONERS, A CEASEFIRE DECLARED BY THAT ADMINISTRATION AND WITHDRAWAL OF ALL LRC FORCES OF OCCUPATION ARE MINIMUM CONFIDENCE BUILDING MEASURES FOR OUR PEOPLE TO TAKE NEGOTIATIONS ON FOREIGN TERRITORY AS GENUINE AND WELL INTENDED. 

The esteemed Southern Cameroons scholar, COMRADE Abdul Karim, was abducted by the security forces of the regime in Yaounde and is currently being held incommunicado in SED Yaoundé. This action doesn’t demonstrate a regime interested in negotiations OR dialogue. We condemn his abduction and demand his immediate AND UNCONDITIONAL release.

Underestimating human potential is one of mankind’s favorite pastimes. We are more resilient and capable than we give ourselves credit for. Ambazonia as a nation has a larger population than over 130 countries around the world. Our vast human and natural resources are untapped. We have the power as a people to achieve anything. The only thing capable of stopping us is ourselves. Ours is the generation ordained to free our land. We, thenever-again generation must make sure we rise to the occasion. Southern Cameroons is for Ambazonians. There is no room for any invader, oppressor or annexationist. THIS HISTORIC RESPONSIBILITY TO FREE HOMELAND WILL NOT BE PASSED ON TO THE NEXT GENERATION. TAKE YOUR PLACE IN HISTORY FELLOW COMRADE AND BE COUNTED. FREEDOM WE WANT AND FREEDOM WE WILL GET.

All through history, the great nations always owe a debt of gratitude to one generation. In our country, that happens to be ours. History and truth are on our side. We haven’t come this far to fail. It’s not an option worth contemplating on. The task before us is huge but we must face this historic assignment and enemy with all our valour.

Let us celebrate our Independence Day with pride knowing that justice is being delayed but will never be denied.

 Happy Independence Day


Vice President

Dabney Yerima