Ambazonia Independence Struggle: Why we think Dr Sako is still the man of the moment 0

Cameroon Concord News Group has consistently cautioned Southern Cameroons front line leaders on the use of abusive language and blackmail against the Ambazonian Interim Government and Southern Cameroons cabinet ministers.  Good journalists and news reporters know that the international community will not use social media communication such as Face Book as basis of understanding the Southern Cameroons case.

Our recent criticism of Acting President Samuel Sako has falling on many different grounds of interpretation with some observing that Cameroon Concord News Group is seeking change at the head of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government. Far from it!! We of this publication simply want Dr Sako to sit up, go out there and meet Southern Cameroonians all over the world and motivate Ground Zero to feel him as a leader.

Until now it is only the Secretary of Communications, Hon. Chris Anu who has travelled to Europe to energize the Southern Cameroons European Diaspora base in the UK and Germany and raise funds for the struggle. That is part of the duty of the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia which he must take up immediately!

Cameroon Concord News Group has examined the leadership of Acting President Ikome Sako which we believe is fair and balance. But he needs to do a Southern Cameroons meet the people tour and raise funds for the struggle. What is actually distressing is that Acting President Sako’s inaction is affecting the European and the South African Diaspora bases including thousands on Ground Zero. Sako has very strong leadership qualities!! To be sure, he was at his best when he rejected Secretary Chris Anu’s resignation. He is level headed. He is not vindictive and he is a good communicator. Therefore, Dr Ikome Sako should take note of the Cameroon Concord News Group criticism because it was written to help him become a good Acting President.

Cameroon Concord News Group will also want the Southern Cameroons Interim Government to implement without delay the reform which Acting President Sako promised the Ambazonian people-which is to bring the county heads into government to be the direct representatives of Southern Cameroonians on Ground Zero.

We are also calling on the Acting President to improve contacts with Ground Zero through the county heads and other national and international media outlets. Cameroon Concord News Group reiterates that the Southern Cameroons Interim Government should not communicate to the Ambazonian people via Face Book because it is free for all and French Cameroun agents can either get to Face Book in order to distort or silent Ambazonian communication.

Cameroon Concord News Group also believes and fervently that ABC TV is the right thing as the Southern Cameroons Interim Government should own and run a media house. ABC TV is incorporated in the USA, regulated and protected by American constitutional guarantees which the SCBC does not have in South Africa. We got intelligence that the Yaoundé regime is now aware that the hosting satellite of SCBC is in a European country.

So far, the people who have opined that Acting President Sako should be removed from office are also not fit to govern the Ambazonian nation and its people. Cameroon Concord News Group wants Sako to sit up and we are very sure he can do it in difficult times like this!

Acting President Sako has urgent business at hand among them is rallying Southern Cameroonians to fund the defense of President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe including the hundreds of Ambazonians in enemy jails all over French Cameroun. Dr Sako should put more effort for our refugees in the bushes and in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He should rally and push for more diplomatic effort deep within the UN, US Congress, the House of Common and the Bundestag.

Acting President Sako’s decision to denounce people committing crimes on Ground Zero was the right thing to do!! Cho Ayaba and his criminal gang had become a serious opponent to the Southern Cameroons revolution with kidnappings, killings, robbery and extortion from the population. All what we have seen from the Cho Ayaba gang is simply a display of guns without carrying any actions against occupying forces.

Acting President Sako should sever all relationship with Milan Atam and SCOOP. SCOOP has never contributed anything to Ground Zero or to our refugees. Dr Sako should denounce Milan Atam with the same vehemence that he denounced Cho Ayaba. Ambazonians do not need criminals to succeed in this ongoing revolution.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai