Ambazonia Independence: “We’re seeing Divisional and Sub Divisional delegates including principals of colleges packing their bags” 0

Paul Biya’s 37-year rule in Cameroon is fast approaching its end, a highly placed French Cameroun political elite hinted Cameroon Concord News Group late on Thursday as several Cameroon government army soldiers launched a fierce resistance against being deployed to Southern Cameroons.

“Everyone in the nation’s capital Yaoundé is seeing a regime crumbling. The sooner Biya realizes there is no way he can win the Southern Cameroons war, the better for everyone in this country” our source who sued for anonymity noted.

 It is evidently clear that the capabilities of the regime have all been eroded by the fighting in Southern Cameroons. “Clearly we’re into the last stage of the CPDM regime – the writing is on the wall” he observed.

“We’re seeing Divisional and Sub Divisional delegates  including principals of colleges packing their bags from the rural areas in Southern Cameroons and Yaoundé-controlled territory in Southern Cameroons is shrinking before our eyes” he added.

The Ambazonia Interim Government and other Southern Cameroons resistance groups are tracking what’s happening in Ground Zero and in French Cameroun.  The regime’s major ATM machines in Southern Cameroons including SONARA, CDC and PAMOL have all vanished in thin air and this is leaving government officials awake all night. The disappearance of these streams of revenue has really destabilized the French Cameroun government which is yet to find new sources of revenue.

Life has become unbearable for millions of French Cameroonians residing in the cities of Douala and Yaounde who, for many decades, have only been scrapping a living.

Paul Biya, who has been in power since 1982, vowed he would not step down and boasted that the nation remains one and indivisible even as Ambazonia Restoration Forces have made Southern Cameroons ungovernable.

Information filtered this week that Cameroon government resources are running dry, after a recent troop’s deployment to the Far North region.

By Chi Prudence Asong