Ambazonia Interim Gov’t not behind decision to attack Egbekaw Village 0

The exiled leader of the Ambazonia Interim Government says restoration forces had no role in the recent attack by an armed group in Egbekaw Village in Manyu Division.

The armed groups in both the Northern and Southern Zones of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia that are attacking pro French Cameroun interests, are making their own decisions,” Dabney Yerima told Cameroon Concord News during a telephone conversation on Wednesday.

Pointing to the Biya regime’s genocide against the people of Southern Cameroons over the past 7 years, Dabney Yerima expressed the Interim Government’s strong opposition to attacks on civilians and kidnappings in the Ambazonian homeland.

“We really didn’t want this war of liberation to affect our people in Ground Zero. But Biya and his criminal gang have been intensifying military operations in Southern Cameroons,” the Ambazonian Vice President emphasized.

Dabney Yerima dismissed allegations that the Interim Government was responsible for the attack in Egbekaw Village in Mamfe.

Other restoration groups make their own decisions and act independently,” Dabney Yerima said.

By Toto Roland Motuba