Ambazonia refugees in Nigeria: Beware of French Cameroun death squads 0

Cameroon Concord News Group has received a reliable intelligence briefing that French Cameroun has deployed members of its Special Operations Forces to Nigeria to infiltrate, abduct and massacre some Ambazonian refugees. These operatives have been deployed to states with high concentration of Ambazonia refugees.  In some cases, they will cause chaos within the camps and then kill some refugees for the blame to be placed on some Ambazonians within the refugee communities, inviting the Nigeria Police. Some of these operatives have taken up different forms of identities and profiles to deceive the unsuspecting refugee population to gain their confidence and integrate them into their communities.   The refugees are therefore advised to establish internal vetting mechanisms to fish out and denounce these criminal elements before they cause harm to them.

The Special Operational Forces is a secretive armed unit within the Presidency of French Cameroun which was created by Paul Biya on ascending power. The unit had a mandate to disengage from and replace the secretive operational units that through terror, sustained Ahidjo in power for twenty-two years.  The Biya Special Operational Unit has sustained him in power for thirty-seven years so far.

This unit has a mandate to eliminate political opponents, real or perceived enemies of Paul Biya.  Paul Biya has relied on these official terrorist operatives, to eliminate, massacred or disappear thousands of people with impunity. The victims included persons from all walks of life; among whom were members of the clergy.

The gullibility of some members of the Cameroun Catholic clergy made them supporters and allies of Paul Biya. Some of the victims were beneficiaries of the regime but also preferential preys. Professing Christ and serving the Devil placed them on a collision course with the faithful.  The assassination of clergy men and women from Jeanne Irene Biya’s Reverend Sisters confidantes to the Catholic Bishop of Bafia, Bishop Balla, was blamed on this unit.  The regime has never disputed these accusations nor accounted for the assassinations.  Instead, the assassinations are continuing unabated. The escape to Canada, of Martin Belinga who oversaw the special operations on behalf of Paul Biya has not affected the unit nor its mandate. The regime has a large deployment of operatives of the Directorate of External Research to infiltrate, spy and eliminate Ambazonians in the diaspora in different countries.  These professional assassins sent to harass, abduct and kill Ambazonia refugees must be promptly identified and arrested before they inflict further harm on Ambazonia refugees.

The mandate of this terror operative network was widened from when Paul Biya declared war and embarked on a genocide of Ambazonians. Some of the most egregious violations, massacres, rapes, abductions and disappearances that occurred during the internet ban were committed by members of this special unit deployed with other criminal actors in the army, BIR, the gendarmerie and the police.  By himself and through his surrogates, Paul Biya personally laid out the elaborate plan of the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ambazonia and neighbouring countries.  The cutting of the internet supply to the territory and the imposition of an economic blockade to facilitate the genocide of Ambazonia were announced by the Minister of Post and Telecommunications one Pauline Likeng. One member of the CPDM crime syndicate publicly took credit for the imposition of this elaborate plan of systemic criminality and genocide.  George Tabetando boasted in a widely publicised interview over CRTV that he and Mafany Musonge appealed to Paul Biya to impose the internet ban. Mafany Musonge promptly denied his participation in this criminal scheme. Through apologists and the executioners of the genocide such as Owona Nguini, Enoh Meyomesse, Theodore Obama of Television 4, CRTV, Isa Tchiroma, Laurent Esso, Fame Ndongo, AtangaNji, Ekema Patrick, Beti Assomo, Okalia Bikai, Lele L’Afrique, Rene Sadi, Pauline Likeng, among many others, the world now has a gruesome record of an unfolding genocide engulfing the Gulf of Guinea.

French Cameroun General Melingui confessed publicly that Ambazonia civilians and civilian settlements were targeted for attacks by forces under his command. Last week Rene Sadi, the Government Spokesman of French Cameroun issued a press release again reiterating the same confession. He stated that French Cameroun forces burn locations housing Ambazonia separatists. Separatists is rotational name Paul Biya has given Ambazonia self-defence forces, doubling down from terrorists.  The confession by Rene Sadi was another official policy of French Cameroun of the elaborate and extensive burning of close to two hundred Ambazonian civilian settlements, burning to death the inhabitants.  This confession finally came to clarify French Cameroun’s targeting and burning hospitals because they believed Ambazonia fighters were admitted in those hospitals to undergo medical treatment.

Coupled with a deliberate policy of targeting Ambazonia civilians, children, women and men for murder based on their Ambazonia nationality, the deployment to Nigeria of a death squad to pursue the genocide, calls for an immediate international response to abate the genocide and hold Paul Biya and his genocidal gang of terrorists to account. Cameroon Concord News Group calls on Nigeria to respect international law and its treaty obligations by providing adequate security to Ambazonia refugees and civilians lawfully in Nigeria under the protection of international law.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai