Ambazonia Self-Defense and Restoration Forces Council is an anti terror organization 0

The Biya Francophone regime is targeting Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora and individuals and groups supporting the Anglophone uprising and quest for an independent state. For over a year now, Southern Cameroons businessmen and women owed money by the government of La Republique du Cameroun have not been paid.

Biya and his consortium of CPDM crime syndicates are imposing even more hard-hitting policies against the people of Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia to further starve them. Yaoundé has accused the Anglophone Diaspora of being behind the crisis in Southern Cameroons in which some 4000 Ambazonians have been killed including some 1400 Cameroon government army soldiers.

Biya is trying to distract from his numerous political problems in French Cameroun following the rigged October 7 presidential polls by blaming the Ambazonian Interim Government and by extrapolation, the Ambazonia Self-Defense and Restoration Forces Council.

The 85 year old president-dictator including his gang of French Cameroun political elites are claiming that the Ambazonia Self-Defense Council is a terrorist group which is a lie. The Ambazonia Self-Defence and Restoration Forces Council (ASC/RF), the command and control system prosecuting the war against La Republique du Cameroun, does not go out of its way to target civilians.

As an expert in Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security, I understand that terrorism is a military tactic and it is a tactic which consists of intentionally targeting civilians.  The Ambazonia Self-Defense and Restoration Forces does not do that.  On the contrary, the ASC/RF is a Southern Cameroons resistance group which is fighting to prevent French Cameroun terrorists army soldiers from continuing to overrun the Ambazonian territory that does not belong to them.

Nothing in Southern Cameroons or its surroundings belong to French speaking Cameroonians and their Francophone government in Yaoundé.  Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun were two separate nations that came together and created a federation. Then French Cameroun invaded, used terrorism as their main tactic for more than 56 years. Today, Southern Cameroons resistance groups are focusing on stopping this invasion and stopping the terrorism. So, Ambazonia Restoration Force actually is an anti-terror group. That is why the international community should and must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Ambazonia Interim Government to put an end to French Cameroun terrorism and genocide in Southern Cameroons.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai