Ambazonia: Vice President Congratulates the Patriotism, Courage and Resilience of S.Cameroonians held in Kondengui 0

I come to you with revolutionary greetings from your President, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his team in the Principal Prison in Yaoundé.

I come to you today after a day of unrest by our heroes detained unlawfully at the central prison in Yaoundé, La Republique du Cameroun. Over two years ago, Paul Biya declared war on us after peaceful protests by our teachers and lawyers demanding their constitutional rights. Since then, more than three thousand Ambazonians have been murdered. More than two hundred and fifty of our villages have been burned down. There are more than one million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as a result of his senseless war. There are more than three thousand of our fellow citizens unlawfully detained without charge in various prisons in La Republique du Cameroun.

Today, we witnessed and continue to see the most passionate protest ever recorded in Kondengui since it was constructed in 1967. It’s worth mentioning that this derelict and awful facility was designed to house two thousand inmates but now holds more than fifteen thousand in some of the most appalling conditions ever known to man.

Many respected organisations have described the conditions as akin to a concentration camp. Torture by starvation is the norm. As a nation, since 2017, we have lost three political prisoners due to health related issues derived from abysmal detention conditions. Ndi Julius, Wirsey Frederick and Wolen Vitalis lost their lives in this facility. May their Souls Rest In Peace.

Our official documents have more than twenty of our fellow comrades in critical health conditions. What we are actually witnessing here are detainees that have been pushed to the wall. Our President, Sisiku AyukTabe and nine other members of his leadership team, who were illegally abducted in Nigeria in January 2018, are also being detained in an adjacent dungeon.

There comes a time when even the most good-natured can’t take cruelty any longer. The defiance and protests that our fellow Ambazonians detained unlawfully in Kondengui showed today was just that. Incarcerated men with broken bodies and spirits don’t easily assume the task of protest. But a time comes when silence and inactivity is betrayal.

Our heroes in Kondengui have reminded us of our duties as a people. In the face of unprecedented suffering, unforgiving conditions in a barbaric prison in enemy territory, they have stood up to be counted. On behalf of the Interim Government and the people of Ambazonia, I praise their audaciousness. They are the true heroes of this revolution. They will never be forgotten.

Fellow Ambazonians in Kondengui, watching videos of your just protest brought tears to my eyes and that of many of your fellow countrymen and women. Your spirit and strength will only strengthen our resolve as a people to fight for our freedom. The fight for freedom and justice is always a vocation of pain and suffering, but we mustn’t shy from it. We must fight with all the power our maker has endowed upon us. Our most pressing fear now is for your lives as a massacre is never far away when dealing with these monsters in Yaoundé. As I put these words together, we have information that the rogue regime in Yaoundé has authorised its military to use live ammunitions and teargas canisters on you. Be strong and courageous for you are in our prayers.

To all Ambzonians living in the free world, today’s public defiance by our heroes in the face of a brutal oppressor is a huge indictment on us. I deem it of signal importance to say to you that the time for inactivity and infighting in the diaspora should cease. Let’s come together and start doing our part for this struggle.

May the Lord continue to bless our heroes in Kondengui with courage and strength.
Short Live the Revolution.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Yours in Servant Leadership

Dabney Yerima Vice President Federal Republic of Ambazonia