Ambazonian leader writes to Cameroon Concord News, Says 2 Southern Cameroonians have been killed in New Bell prison 0

Hello to all of you in the Cameroon Concord News Group,

Just to express our profound gratitude for all you have done and are still doing for the struggle to save the good people of Ambazionia and restore the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Your contributions in prayers, kind and cash are testimonial to our survivability and that of the struggle.

Be rest assured that we know you are committed. Let nothing distract you. We in detention formed committees for legal, social services, finance, diplomacy, future expectations, detainee code of conduct and health.

We developed a legal concept and principle which our lawyers imbibed for us to defend all Ambazonians. The Committee of Prison and Detention camps including inmate data has completed their job. Using these data, we created legal groups to defend Ambazonians in all tribunals’ and courts.

Stipends are allocated from that money that you and families and friends offer us. We also created a functional trouble bank and have always used from these sources, funds to provide primary health care for detainees and emergency needs.

We have registered delivered diplomatic correspondences to over 15 diplomatic missions and USA has been overwhelmingly impressed and of course some fallout like the UN Rights Chief visit recently.

Fundraising drive to provide food and medication to Ground Zero is on top gear and firing on all cylinders.  Two Ambazonians died in New Belll prison and we are still awaiting details as lawyers investigation are on.

Prison guide lines for peaceful stay in prison were conceived and documented. These were circulated to all coordinating teams that man the prisons and channel concerns to us in streamline manner

With these and others dear, we beg you to continue to assist us work for Ambazonia

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe

Interim President

Federal Republic of Ambazonia