Ambazonian Restoration Forces stronger than the French Cameroun army-Biya adviser 0

A top security adviser to President Biya (names withheld) has revealed that the Southern Cameroons Self-Defense Groups are far stronger than the Cameroon government army. Speaking to our undercover reporter in Yaoundé on Monday, the Biya acolyte said “Two years have passed since President Biya declared the war and the conflict in Southern Cameroons is showing no signs of ending.”

We wrongfully thought we had the strongest army in the CEMAC region. The Ambazonian Restoration Force with little or no training is even stronger than the Cameroon army,” the French Cameroun Security boss lamented. “The Southern Cameroons young fighters are totally confident in their faith today and are ready to sacrifice a lot more than the Cameroon army. My fear now is that we may end up losing Anglophone Cameroon,” he continued.

Our source also addressed the economic aspects of the military campaign in Southern Cameroons in which the Francophone dominated army has been bogged down participating in the fighting on behalf of the 85 year old dictator President Paul Biya. “In a few more months Cameroon will be importing foodstuffs from Gabon and Central African Republic!! Disaster is near,” he declared.

The senior Cameroon military officer also told our reporter that pride and naked arrogance was responsible for the Southern Cameroons war and that many senior French Cameroun army officers were exploiting its continuation for financial gains.  “I sometimes get the feeling that the war is being waged against our Anglophone brothers and sisters with the aim of strengthening Francophone political elites loyal to President Biya. Everything is done for Biya and serves Biya,” he claimed.

Elsewhere, the Ambazonian Acting President Dr Samuel Ikome Sako has continued his tirade against the French Cameroun government in Yaounde observing that they were doomed to lose in the war. Reacting to threats made by President Biya against Ambazonian Restoration Forces, Dr Sako noted that “No one scares Southern Cameroonians away from wars. Anyone who wants war: They’re welcome in Southern Cameroons.”

The Federal Republic of Ambazonia has not surrendered despite the ineffectiveness of the African Union and the United Nations. Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia is now detached from the world, subjected to a French Cameroun siege, and the Biya Francophone regime is still limited in how it can deal with it. As the Southern Cameroons war runs into its third year, Cameroon Intelligence Report understands the Ambazonian Interim Government is slowly but surely forcing on French Cameroun an equation whereby a bombing will be met with a bombing.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai