Americans losing confidence in Trump 0

American voters have less confidence in President Donald Trump a year after his surprise election victory and think he is doing a “poor job” in delivering on his campaign promises, according to a new poll.

The CNN/SSRS survey released Wednesday shows that 64 percent of American voters are less confident in Trump’s ability to serve as a president, up from 43 percent immediately after his election victory.

Additionally, 55 percent of the voters think he is doing a poor job keeping the important promises he made prior to the 2016 presidential election, compared to 40 percent who believe otherwise.

There was a 9-percent drop in the number of voters who say Trump can bring the kind of change the country needs, with only 40 percent thinking that he can still pull off the job.

The decline in confidence comes mostly among independents and Republicans. Compared to November 2016, confidence in Trump’s ability to bring the needed change was down by 10 points among Republicans and nine points among independents.

However, Republican confidence in Trump’s ability to deliver on his promises has remained unchanged, at 86 percent, since April, according to the poll.

Only 30 percent say Trump is able to unite the country as opposed to 43 percent last November. Among Republicans, the figure stood at 65 percent down from 81 percent a year ago.

Nearly 65 percent say Trump’s statements and actions since taking office have made them less confident in his ability to serve as president, up from 43 percent who said so a year ago.

Trump also scored low on trustworthiness as 34 percent call him honest and trustworthy compared to 64 percent who say he is not.

Another poll revealed earlier this week showed Trump’s overall approval rating stood at 36%, the worst of his presidency. Trump’s approval ratings have been noticeably lower than any of his predecessors.

The businessman-turned-politician has drawn fire at home and abroad for his radical measures, including a ban on Muslim travelers from entering the US, a plan to build a wall along the Mexico border and rolling back on enhanced relations with Cuba.


Source: Presstv