Arrest Warrant for Hon. Joshua Osih: Understanding why the SDF man is now Ambazonia’s most wanted 0

A warrant has been issued in the Southern Cameroons for the arrest of Hon. Joshua Nambangi Osih, the vice-chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party. The warrant comes after Mr Osih insisted in an interview that “the US must implement the international arrest warrants issued by the State of Cameroon to put the financiers of Ambazonian Terrorism out of harm’s way.”

Mr Osih, who has consistently fulfilled his credentials as a halfwit with extremely vile inclinations, committed the offence during a live interview on Canal 2 International last Sunday, 19 June 2022. He is now wanted in Ambazonia to answer charges.

Reacting to this latest premeditated criminal incitement from Joshua Osih, a senior Southern Cameroons academic, said, “this man is not only dull. He is a simpleton and a stark illiterate to think for one moment that his despotic and terrorist French Cameroun state can simply send a so-called arrest warrant to America or any other state requiring the Cameroun regime’s political opponents to be handed over to that regime for assassination. He is the prototype of a big fool.”

Thoughtlessness has always been Joshua Osih’s Achilles heel. Last year, he accused the US of harbouring Southern Cameroonians, whom he blames for his domestic political troubles. He wrote, “Does America provide safe harbour and anchor for the financiers, propagandists, and sponsors of the war? Resounding YES!….we urge members of the United States Congress to engage more vigorously to ensure compliance with the international conventions against transnational crime and criminality to which the United States is a signatory and to ensure that their country is not a safe haven for perpetrators and funders of acts of extreme violence and terrorism on the people of Cameroon”.

Before yesterday’s warrant was issued, Cameroon Concord News had gathered that, over the last 18 months, Mr Osih had been wanted in Ambazonia for racketeering, malicious communication, and the possession of inappropriate material on a handheld mobile communication device. Mr Osih, who last year founded CAMPORT Plc in Douala, a private security company, is rumoured to be profiteering from the war in Ambazonia by sponsoring criminal militias operating in the Southern Cameroons. His day to face Amba justice is now near.

For those who know him, the worry is that his mouth seems to always set off before his mind, and he is prone to causing damage whenever he speaks. This flaw in his character means he keeps committing the same blunders year after year. But the worry for him now is that Ambazonia Intelligence Services are hot on his heels.

Mr Osih lacks intellectual gravity and personal honesty. He is a practiced liar, and his career path is paved with deception and corruption. As an SDF politician, he has been able to practice dishonesty unchecked. And his comments about Ambazonia leaders in the US show how out of touch he is.

Hon. Osih is yet to offer tangible solutions to tackle the war in Southern Cameroons. His SDF party is now a chaotic outfit, unequal to the severe challenges the two Cameroons face. The SDF’s attempts to abdicate responsibility for the war in Ambazonia revealed their duplicity. The SDF is a CPDM ally and asset. The top leadership of the SDF is emotionally bankrupt and socially and culturally detached from the pain and suffering of the people of Southern Cameroons.

The conflict in Southern Cameroons remains neglected within the international community. The Norwegian Refugee Council highlighted the conflict as the “most neglected” in the world last year after over 30,000 deaths, more than 1.5 million internally displaced, with over 100,000 refugees in camps in Nigeria. The United States has a critical role in stopping the war in Ambazonia through an internationally supervised negotiation. Southern Cameroons leaders particularly the Vice President of the Ambazonia Interim Government Dabney Yerima have always expressed their readiness to engage in genuine and inclusive dialogue with the Francophone regime in Yaoundé. But, Osih and Fru Ndi have always made matter intractable and a peaceful outcome impossible.

Genuine SDF members must know that their party has lost its way in the two Cameroons. To regain authority and credibility, the SDF needs new leadership and direction. And characters like Joshua Osih must not be near the top, for he is a huge liability, and his arrest will do both Cameroons enormous good.

By Isong Asu

Senior Political Researcher,

Cameroon Concord News Group, London