AU, EU remaining silent on French Cameroun atrocities against Southern Cameroonians 0

Professor Carlson Anyangwe has sharply criticized the African and European Unions for exercising double standards on human rights, saying the two international bodies have remained silent on five years of French Cameroun atrocities against the English speaking people of Southern Cameroons as well as the horrendous criminal acts that the Francophone prison officials are perpetrating on Southern Cameroons detainees.

While AU and EU officials accuse Mali and Central African Republic of committing war crimes, they tend to turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed against civilians in the war in Southern Cameroons. The regime in Yaoundé has carried out crimes throughout the entire Southern Cameroons, spanning from Buea to Bamenda, Bali, Batibo and Mamfe. Francophone army soldiers have attacked weddings in Southern Cameroons, turning them into funerals,” Professor Anyangwe told Cameroon Concord News.

Anyangwe added, “What have the AU or EU said about the massacres in Ngarbuh? What have they said about the killings in Kwa Kwa? What have they said about the massacres of Reverend fathers and missionaries in Southern Cameroons? What have they said about the killing of Anglophone journalists?”

Professor Anyangwe noted that thousands of trials should be held to bring French Cameroun military officials to justice for crimes committed in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

By Isong Asu