Bafaw Royal Family Scandal: Ekoko Mukete’s claim disputed 0

A new paramount leader of the Bafaws was named by the late Chief V.E.Mukete. The legendary West Cameroon politician handed over the throne to his son, Ekoko Mukete amid scenes of unreported chaos after members of the Bafaw royal family questioned Prince Ekoko Mukete’s claim to the title.

The controversy over who will be the next king of the Bafaws, a largely ceremonial role but one with great significance for English speaking Cameroonians in Meme Division arose after the death of Chief V.E. Mukete.

The late VE Mukete had apparently named one of his children, Ekoko Mukete as his successor in front of the then Bafaw traditional council. But events are now taking a dramatic U-turn as Prince Emmanuel Mukete Mukete recently released a video in which he disputed Ekoko Mukete’s claim throwing the Bafaw royal succession into turmoil.

Underneath the dispute is the fate of Bafaw royal assets, royalties paid by the Kumba City Council and the vast amounts of land traditionally owned by the Bafaws and now held by the VE Mukete children.

The Bafaw royal family has no political or even constitutional position, but their traditional authority is recognized in the entire Bafaw kingdom and even beyond.

In the coming days Cameroon Concord News and Cameroon Intelligence Report will both be publishing a frank, candid and thoughtful key into understanding the Bafaw Royal Family and the emergence of Prince Emmanuel Mukete Mukete.

By Isong Asu and Soter Agbaw-Ebai