Battle for Southern Cameroons: Consortium launches “Operation NO 20th May and NO GCE Examinations” in West Cameroon 0

The Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has announced a massive operation aimed at achieving total and complete independence from La Republique du Cameroun. The Consortium, recognized by all Southern Cameroonians as the body with legitimate authority says celebrations to mark the so-called National Day will not hold in Southern Cameroon territory this year. The leaders have also called for a boycott of the 2017 session of the General Certificate of Education Examination. Below is a recent statement made public by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium:

Fellow Southern Cameroonians, the great day of battle is here and the war cry has been sounded. That day on which we were turned into slaves is here- 20th May!! The battle line is drawn, there is no standing on the fence; No Southern Cameroonian should be seen anywhere near any ceremonial ground going to help Biya destroy, kill & maim us the more. Everyone must choose their side: You are either for Southern Cameroons or against us, there is no midway.

No political party shall be seen doing anything on that day; the ghost town of that day has to be one that sends a clear and unambiguous message to everyone across the world that we want freedom, that we are tired of slavery and servitude, that annexation and colonialism in the 21st century are crimes against humanity. No exceptions shall be accepted and we shall all go out there and spread this message.

Also, the Francophone government is now calling for “juju” power to protect some centers for them to destroy the education of the very children we are fighting to safeguard by writing examinations when there were no classes for months; rest assured that will not happen on our territory. Beware of treachery; do not be found at the wrong place at the wrong time- tell others!!

By Rita Akana and Tina Nene Nganda