Biden should give Biya 48 hours to step down 0

US President Joe Biden is aware that the Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé has a history of reckless aggression against its own citizens and particularly the English speaking minority. Biden is also well informed of the Biya’s regime deep hatred for free speech, democracy and the rule of law and has for more than two decades helped French sponsored groups linked with French business interest to destabilize the Central African Republic.

We of the Concord News Group are of the opinion that US President Biden should begin his foreign policy project in Africa precisely in La Republique du Cameroun where an 87-year-old dictator is slaughtering his own citizens in great numbers.

President Biden should follow the George Bush example that brought freedom and dignity to the Iraqi people by issuing an ultimatum to Paul Biya and his gang of Beti Ewondo army generals to step aside within 48 hours or face military action.

A genocide being perpetuated by Mr Biya’s military is going on in the English part of the country now known as Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia. To stop it, the current US administration should be decisive. The level of barbarism by the Francophone dominated military and pro Cameroon government militias as they pursue their war and scorch earth policy to completely annihilate English speaking Cameroonians is alarming.

So far, as a result of the on-going Cameroon government military campaign in the English speaking regions, an estimated 20,000 people have been killed, over 280 towns and villages have been burnt down, over 120,000 people are seeking refuge in Nigeria and further afield, over 1million people are internally displaced or living in bushes and over 3,000 persons incarcerated in prisons and detention facilities. It is also reported that over 4.5. Million people are at risk of famine. One thing we know for sure is that Mr Biya and his military and private militia will be held accountable for these crimes.

Reacting to the sad situation in the former British Southern Cameroons, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States Congress introduced on 8 September 2020, Resolution 684 on the crisis in the Cameroonian regions of the North-West and South-West and was adopted on 1 January 2021.

Resolution 684 condemned the abuses committed by state security forces and armed groups in the northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon, and affirmed that the United States continues to hold the Government of Cameroon accountable for safeguarding the security and constitutional rights of all its citizens, regardless of region, religion, or political opinion. In addition, it urges all parties to the conflict in Cameroon, the Government of Cameroon, U.S. foreign relations entities, and members of the international community to take specific steps to resolve the ongoing civil conflict in Cameroon.

The U.S. Congress was also critical of France’s action in the conflict.  “…France maintains considerable interests in Cameroon, including significant economic and security cooperation, but has not sufficiently used its influence to stem atrocities committed in English-speaking regions or to support stronger international action to seek a resolution to the conflict,” Resolution 684 said.

While not exonerating Southern Cameroons Self-Defense Forces, Cameroon Concord News Group also know that Mr Biya’s government is doing everything through its private militia (popularly known as Atanga Nji Boys) to commit atrocities and link them to Southern Cameroons self-defense groups, so as to evoke international sympathy. Only an independent fact-finding mission can establish the facts and thus far, Mr. Biya’s government with French government support has resisted all requests by independent humanitarian organizations to visit English speaking Cameroon.

In passing resolution 684, the US Congress abundantly made the case for unleashing US forces against the regime in Yaoundé. Human Rights Watch confirmed that nothing has been heard from deportees that were transported by two known flights from the United States to Cameroon, on October 13 and November 11. The flights reportedly carried 57 and 37 Cameroonians respectively.   

All peaceful efforts to put an end to the crisis in the English-speaking region, which is now in its fifth year, have failed again and again and again because the international community is not dealing with peaceful men.

President Biden needs to tear down the apparatus of terror in Yaoundé that continues to kill, girls and women continue to be raped, villages continue to be burnt down, and a force of occupation continues to occupy and terrorizes a people for speaking the English language.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai