Bishop Bibi and the renovation of Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral: Be a Samaritan 0

When Bishop Bibi was formally installed as Bishop of the Buea Diocese, one of the first ways he sought to implement the ever flowing spirit of Vatican II deep within the Diocese of Buea was to continue with renovation work at the Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral.

Influenced by donations coming in from several Samaritans, Bishop Michael Miabesue-to use his three names, is now full of praise to all lay faithful supporting the roofing and tiling of the external walls of the Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral.

Cameroon Concord News Group understands that the Bishop Bibi Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral Project is arguably the most drastic ever since the Holy Father placed him at the head of affairs in the Buea Diocese.

In his most recent pastoral letter dated May 3, 2023 and addressed to all societies of Apostolic life, members of the Institute of Consecrated Life including all lay faithful in the Buea Diocese and even beyond, the much respected Roman Catholic cleric observed that there is an urgent need for installation of aluminum, plastic glass windows and decorated gravel paper sticker in the Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral.

Reacting to Bishop Bibi’s pastoral letter on the Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral, Tambe Ndip Arrah of the Cameroon Catholic Community in Mulheim in the Federal Republic of Germany said it is the Bishop’s own version of Opera Artis, geared towards protecting the artistic heritage of the Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral

The laity is happy

The renovation of the Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral is significant in that it is very popular with all in the Diocese of Buea!

This editorial is simply to create a greater awareness of the renovation in the diaspora for all in Europe and North America to support the Bishop in the proposed changes to Buea Diocese historic Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral.

Material costs

The Bishop has made it easy for all not to wonder too much about the material cost of the renovation!! It is simply for families to choose where to help!! See document attached!!

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group think it is good stewardship. Bishop Bibi has finally found creative solutions that preserve the old art, protect the integrity of the architecture, and maintain a sacral atmosphere. Be a part of the Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral project!

By Sheikh Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai


Cameroon Concord News Group