Biya family’s Greek gift to Bamenda Food Market Traders 0

The Presidential couple has made available an envelope of FCFA 73 million to victims of the 14th March 2017 fire incident at the Bamenda Food Market. The package was handed over to the victims on 5th May 2017 by the Governor of the North West Region,Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

During the CPDM ceremony, the sum of FCFA 73,000,700 was distributed to 91 victims’ owners of 111 open sheds that were consumed by fire. Six of the victims whose shops were closed and 12 owners of tables with food stuffs received FCFA 20 million.

Shop owners were each entitled to FCFA 495,000 and FCFA 100,000 per burnt table. The Governor said the offer is an eloquent proof of the presidential couple’s resolve to stand against sinister Cameroonians. The March 14, fire incident left most of the victims very desperate reason why the assistance from the President and wife was saluted and considered a great relief.

Culled from CRTV