Biya gang seeking to set Southern Cameroonians against the Ambazonia Interim Gov’t 0

Professor Carlson Anyangwe says the enemies in La Republique du Cameroun have developed a diabolic harsh ploy seeking to pit the people of Southern Cameroons against their Interim Government and the Ambazonia revolutionary institutions.

Professor Anyangwe made the comments recently in the US saying French Cameroun military and political leaders are now pinning their hopes on popular cat calls in Ground Zero against kidnapping for ransom in order to discredit the Ambazonia Interim Government.

Biya and his French Cameroun CPDM crooks are propagating the atrocities of some Southern Cameroons criminal gangs in a bid to set Ambazonians against their Interim Government” Professor Anyangwe said.

However, the prominent Southern Cameroons academic noted that “the regime in Yaoundé is making miscalculations as they have always done by erroneously believing that they will win the war without recognizing the independence of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia or making some huge political concession.”

Anyangwe pointed out that French Cameroun and Biya are making such mistakes because they are getting wrong advice from some Southern Cameroons traitors such as Paul Atanga Nji, Paul Tassong and Dion Ngute who say Yaoundé should count on Southern Cameroons pro Yaoundé civil servants.

These so-called Southern Cameroons CPDM elites are naive to suppose that Ambazonians have lost their faith in President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and the Ambazonian Interim Government,” Anyangwe reiterated.

Anyangwe furthered that French Cameroun lies and deceptions must be exposed.

By Enowtaku Ebanghatabi Christelle in the US