Biya has recipe for ethnic cleansing of Southern Cameroonians 0

For 37 years, the French Cameroun head of state Paul Biya has demonstrated that his CPDM regime has a long-term plan for the ethnic cleansing of the people of Southern Cameroonians.

A Southern Cameroonian commenting on Mr Biya’s recent outing in France opined that during the Conference, Biya said German Kamerun was his country that was divided into the British and French trusteeships.

The 86 year old dictator furthered that he has tried to assimilate and dissolve the English 20% into the French 80% but failed and wants to give a special status to the English 20%, but keep them within one country.

It is based on this claim to German Kamerun being Biya’s country, that Southern Cameroonians think, the French Cameroun leader believes he has a duty to kill Ambazonians to force them to belong to his vision of a one and indivisible Cameroun.

Southern Cameroons political analyst Denis Atemnkeng observed that Biya’s take on the crisis in Ambazonia is the most outrageous and dangerous statement from a man sitting in a peace conference.

A cream of Ambazonia political elites in the United Kingdom observed on Wednesday in London that the French Cameroun regime backed by France is moving toward a greater plan which is a kind of scorch-the-earth policy.

Troops loyal to the Biya regime in Yaoundé have burnt down more than 280 Southern Cameroons villages with Biya claiming that the soldiers were fighting Ambazonia separatists operating in those areas.

An estimated 20,000 Southern Cameroonians have been killed, over 120,000 are seeking refuge in Nigeria and, over 1million people are internally displaced or living in bushes and over 3,000 persons incarcerated in prisons and detention facilities. It is also reported that over 4.5. Million people are at risk of famine. This is indeed a recipe for endless war and the ethnic cleansing of Southern Cameroons.

Biya’s special status plan for Ambazonians is pushing the two Cameroons towards endless crisis; and if true, the least the international community can do is to respond to this by saying no and support the Ambazonia nation.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai