Biya Health Situation: Brutal tyrant is now like a child 0

President Paul Biya is now a shadow of himself and he is slowly but surely turning into a child as he approaches his final days here on planet earth. He met recently with his French doctor but had completely lost the power to speak.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that the reviled dictator has been reduced to a wheelchair after moving to the extension of his palace in Mvomeka’a.  Medical care and well trained physicians are lacking in Cameroon after his 40-year-rule.

A source close to his family hinted this reporter late on Wednesday that Biya is almost turning into a child.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, he had made frequent visits to Geneva for medical care — because Cameroon’s own public health system crumbled thanks to his CPDM government’s lack of investment.

The so-called lion man now appears slumped and frail and is seen these days struggling to speak to everyone around him and blaming his collaborators for his failed presidency.

Both French and Southern Cameroonians are no longer interested in news about the man born into a Catholic family, once feted as an African democrat and champion of communal liberalism—but was ultimately corrupted by unchallenged power.

Biya remains a tyrant with a penchant for luxury and has wasted Cameroonian tax payer’s money in numerous five star hotels all over the world.

The war in Southern Cameroons, Boko Haram incursions, the difficult security situation in the east of the country, death squads, rigged elections and an imploding economy are all consequences of Biya’s relentless pursuit of power.

Cameroon is currently at the mercy of Biya and his appointees and under his 40-year-rule, the nation is suffering from an economic ruin, with runaway inflation, mass unemployment and food shortages.

He may never be held to account for the disaster he is presiding over. But some like Atanga Nji and Beti Assomo will face the long arm of the law.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai