Biya laptop computer gift may just be another CPDM political hoax 0

Several students from the University of Yaoundé have claimed that they met the requirements for a computer promised by President Biya but their names have disappeared from the additive list. Many of the students who recently rallied at the Ngoa ekellé campus of the University of Yaoundé 1 do not understand why their names are not on the list of beneficiaries of laptops promised by the 84 year dictator.

Cameroon Concord News however gathered that the students have fulfilled the conditions requested by the authorities. It is not the first corrupt incident that involves the national chairman of the ruling CPDM party. It was the same with the President Biya’s Excellence Awards. So far, 15,532 students are registered beneficiaries of the 500,000 computers promised by the Head of State.

The fact remains that these computers, which would normally have already been distributed to students, remain highly anticipated and may just be another Biya wholesale hoaxes.

By Sama Ernest