“Biya not serious about peace in Southern Cameroons” Ambazonia Homeland Security Chief 0

Southern Cameroons Secretary for Homeland Security, Bishop John Egyawan has told Cameroon Concord News Washington Bureau Chief that French Cameroun’s leader, Paul Biya is merely deceiving the international community with empty rhetoric and has no interest in any dialogue or peace talks with the Ambazonian Interim Government.

Bishop John Egyawan a former soldier who served with the US army in Iraq during the Gulf war questioned Mr. Paul Biya’s sincerity when he constantly advocates peace talks aimed at ending hostilities in Southern Cameroons.”A president who currently spends millions of US dollars funding President Buhari’s campaign in Nigeria for abducting and forcefully repatriating Southern Cameroons leaders cannot be trusted in any peace process,” the Ambazonia Homeland Security Chief said.

“The Interim Government position as of now has been that they (the French Cameroun political elites) have not shown any intention to get seriously engaged in a peace process for the future of our two countries” he added. Bishop John Egyawan further noted that the French Cameroun government had infiltrated some of the Ambazonian groups but the Ambazonia Security Council (ASC ) was dealing with the disturbing situation.

The Homeland Security Chief observed that the kidnappings currently going in Southern Cameroons were teleguided from Yaounde to sabotage the Southern Cameroons revolution and quest for an independent state.

French Cameroun 56 years dominance of the political, economic and social life of the people of Southern Cameroons came to an end following last year’s declaration of independence by President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe; but a year on, French Cameroun — having failed to crush the Ambazonian resistance — is now killing hundreds of innocent Southern Cameroons women and children and destroying Ambazonia towns and villages.

Ambazonia Restoration Forces have overtaken several rural areas in many Southern Cameroons counties in a spate of brazen attacks in recent months, including villages in Manyu, Lebialem, Boyo, Menchum, Bui, Ndian and Kupe Muanenguba.

Southern Cameroon’s Acting President Dr Samuel Ikome Sako has accused French Cameroun’s 85 year old leader Paul Biya of carrying out a scorch-the-earth policy in Southern Cameroons with the support the Francophone army.

By Chi Prudence Asong