Biya regime honours Claude Le Roy as man who got things done 0

The Indomitable Lions that won the Africa Cup of Nations in 1984 were already suffering from fatigue and aging legs and needed a new generation of players.  Cameroon had to rebuild. Soon the work began.

In 1985 Claude Le Roy arrived in Cameroon and took charge of the Indomitable Lions. He was en route to winning his first Africa Cup of Nations in 1986. But the Indomitable Lions lost in a penalty shootout against host nation, Egypt.

On Thursday last week, the 40 year old Biya regime paid tribute to French man Claude Le Roy. He was received at the Civil Cabinet at the presidency of the republic by one Mr. Samuel Mvondo Ayolo who also moonlights as Minister- Director.

The renowned Claude Le Roy was awarded a knighthood of Cameroonian Order of Valor.

In return, the French football technician handed over to Minister Samuel Mfondo Ayolo a signed copy of his book titled “Claude Le Roy, blond magician”, published by Arthand editions, in May 2021 for onward transmission to President Biya.

It is vital to include in this reprot that Claude Le Roy won the African Cup of Nations in 1988 with the Indomitable Lions.

Source: Awanireview