Biya sees red in Russia 0

He went to Russia to beg as usual, using the Russia-Africa Summit as an excuse or a pretext, but Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya, also known as the Lion man, will be leaving the Russian capital, Moscow, with a bloodshot eye.

Russia may be in need of allies but it does not have money to give to irresponsible governments like the Yaoundé regime which has been on a begging spree for decades.

Russia has already forgiven some of the continent’s debt but this does not imply it has money to distribute to African leaders who have clearly demonstrated that their relationship with money is causing death and destruction in their countries.

The Yaoundé government, led by the country’s collapsing president, Paul Biya, is an example of a government which cannot use in a responsible manner, any money given to it by its allies and international organizations.

If Mr. Biya will have anything of import, it might be assurances from the “Russian Czar” that it would not overthrow the corrupt and moribund Yaounde government which has been in power for over four decades and has nothing to show for its existence.

Russia has been the brain behind the anti-French sentiments across West Africa and these sentiments are resulting in the overthrow of pro-French and incompetent leaders in French-speaking West African countries, with Mohammed Bazoum of Niger Republic being the latest victim.

For some years now, Yaoundé has been the target of Wagner Group forces and this has rattled the beleaguered Yaoundé government which has been weakened by corruption, Boko Haram and Ambazonian fighters who are regrouping to finally take back their beloved Southern Cameroons.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai