Biya’s Laptop computers: Another broken promise by the CPDM government 0

Some few months ago students all over the national territory took to the streets thanking President Paul Biya for offering them made in China laptops. All attempts at getting the student community to wait until the CPDM laptops were delivered met with a stone wall. The presidency of the republic announced that the students were going to get the computers before Christmas.

With Christmas just seven days to go and with the presidency unable to pay salaries for its temporal workers, some student leaders used by the regime to stage the support rallies for President Biya have been heard murmuring privately that the President Biya laptop gift was just another CPDM hoax.

Nothing is being mentioned both in government circles and in the universities about the laptops. Cameroon Concord News understands any student caught talking about the laptops is now branded a secessionist. The so-called Minister of Higher Education, Fame Ndongo has shied away from questions concerning the project. It is expected that the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime will include the laptop scheme in the Emergence 2035 program.

By Sama Ernest