Book on the Camair-Co-Yves Michel Fotso Scandal released 0

Yves Michel Fotso, the son of Cameroonian billionaire, Victor Fotso has been doubly sentenced to life imprisonment for embezzlement of public funds during his time as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of  Camair-Co, the national airline. The Yves Michel Fotso affair has been revisited by Cameroonian journalist Shanda Tonme in a 311 page document.

In the book, J’ai Compris Yves Michel Fotso, un Testament pours la postérité, published by Editions L’Harmattan, Shanda Tonme, presented a frank, candid and thoughtful key to understanding the Camair-Co-Albatross scandal. Shanda introduced the reader to a man accused by a vicious regime of embezzlement and abandoned to his fate, as a proven, dignified and proud manager, with probity and rectitude that our nation has never known.

Shanda Tonme also made available an unpublished documentation related to the different board meetings of Cameroon Airlines. The documents included vivid correspondences between Yves Michel Fotso and top Cameroon government officials and many financial and accounting reports.

On the fourteenth page of the book is a congratulatory and encouragement message addressed to Yves Michel Fotso by  Joseph Tsanga Abanda, the then transport minister in which he stated “Son, get here my sincere congratulations and encouragement for the great work you’re doing in the process of reviving Camair. “

The book exposed President Biya that he largely created Operation Sparrow Hawk originally intended to instil clean morals in the management of public affairs to be an instrument for settling scores and eliminating rivals in the race to succeed him.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai