Cameroon Football fans are set to be forced into stadiums without a vaccine passport 0

Cameroon football fans are set to be forced into stadiums without a vaccine passport to attend Africa Cup of Nations matches – and the new directive from the Prime Minister could be in place as soon as Monday.

After thousands of both English and French speaking Cameroonians decided not to go to the stadiums, the ruling CPDM crime syndicate headed by President Paul Biya is reportedly ready to implement ‘ Plan B’.

This will include forcing all state agents, council workers and high school students to attend football matches without any Covid restrictions.

The Prime Minister’s Office informed school authorities to shutdown all government academic establishments by midday for students  to fill the scanty stadiums.

Two press releases-one from the Mayor of Buea and another from the Prime Minister’s Office sounded a note of caution to all civil servants and council workers to attend football games or face severe consequences.

Many Cameroonian football fans had challenge regulations that limited attendance at stadiums as a precaution against Covid-19.

Cameroon Concord News gathered that fewer spectators inside stadiums does not make financial sense as it does not allow the Biya regime to cover the costs of hosting the tournament.

“Those who are making the money are in the fan zones”, a French Cameroun football fan hinted our Douala city reporter. “In the fan zone there is so much excitement, and there are no regulations to get in, you just need your mask, whereas in the stadium you have to get vaccinated, get Covid test, here it’s easier because you get together and there’s joy”, another football fan was quoted by Africa News as saying late on Friday.

Aside from an Olympic bunker where organizers recruited high school students and other supporters of President Paul Biya to rally, spectators did not turn out in droves for matches elsewhere.

“It is a pity we have not gotten fans in the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations. We love to see fans in the stadiums” a FECAFOOT official told Cameroon Concord News.

Publicly, the regime in Yaoundé is blaming the boycott on its so-called strict Covid-19 rules with government regulations allowing 80 per cent  vaccinated supporters. However, Cameroon Concord News understands the Southern Cameroons Crisis and the numerous anti Bamileke statements coming from highly placed Cameroon government officials from the ruling Beti Ewondo tribal extractions are directly responsible for the empty seats.

By Rita Akana in Yaoundé