Cameroon: Muslims celebrate the Feast of Tabaski 0

Muslims in Cameroon celebrated on the 12th of September 2016, the Feast of Tabaski. In Yaounde, the Imam of Essos, Modibo Halibou Ibrahima and the Imam of the Tsinga Mosque, Aboubakar Oummar called for sharing while praying for peace in Cameroon. Preaching at the Yaounde Sports Complex, El Hadj Mefire highlighted the importance of paying tithes and shunning extremism.

In Ngaoundere, Sheikh Mamouy Ali told all Muslims to shun immorality. While Imam Modibo Jafairo of Garoua said the faithful should be sincere when praying. Prisoners were part of the Tabaski Feast in Maroua as the Imam; Ousman Oumar called on them to be submissive and patient. The scene was slightly different in Bamenda where prayers for peace in Cameroon and Gabon were said.

For their part, Imams Arouna Abdoulaye and Loumgam Abdoulaye of Bafoussam emphasized the importance of education especially of the girl child. In Douala, Sheikh Mohamat Malik Farout prayed for peace and unity in Cameroon and told the faithful to put spirituality at the centre of all they do.

Ebolowa was also dominated by prayers for peace as Imam El Hadj Mohammadou Oummaroy observed that the youth should be patriotic and respectful.