Cameroon: Where are the leaders? 0

Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that has put everything in life on hold, many in Cameroon thought they were second only to God.

Due to their being around for too long, some Cameroonians were already thinking that they were immortal.

But the Coronavirus has changed all of that. The country’s president who has been making a mockery of his critics for years has been hiding at the Unity Palace.

Sources at the Unity Palace say he sometimes hide under the bed for fear that the insidious virus might show up at the Unity Palace to look for him.

The virus does not like fat and old people. It has run amok in Italy and America where it has been on a cleanup campaign.

Nature has a way of ensuring that there is equilibrium in the world and in this case, it has sent a virus to rid the world of old people who have had a long life.

This is a reason for Cameroon’s Lazarus to be hiding. He knows that if the virus runs into him, he will not stand a chance.

He is not the only person hiding. Even people like Rene Sadi are all hiding in their homes, refusing to even receive their collaborators.

Times have changed and many people around the world have suddenly discovered the emptiness of life.

Ever since Atanga Nji was appointed as the country’s Territorial Administration minister, he has been conducting himself as if he was above death.

He has plotted the death of many young Southern Cameroonians just because he wants to prove a point.

He has been urging the Southern Cameroonian fighters to drop their arms without conditions and has even attended ceremonies where those fake Amba fighters have dropped their guns as a strategy to woe others to follow suit.

For more than three weeks now, a group of Amba boys has been struggling to meet the authorities so that they can drop their weapons, but nobody wants to meet with them.

The group contains some guys infected with the Coronavirus and they really want to meet with Paul Atanga Nji and the Northwest regional governor, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique, but the most powerful guys in Cameroon are not in any mood to meet them. Nobody toys with COVID-19 and Atanga Nji is in no rush to leave this planet.

The virus has cut the Yaoundé strong men to normal human proportions. Atanga Nji who loved going to Bamenda every week no longer wants to meet Amba Boys who want to help him stage his normal show.

The weapons are in the jungle and until he meets with them, the boys will not down their weapons. They may be observing the global ceasefire, but downing their tools will only happen when they shake hands with the all powerful territorial administration boss.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai


Cameroon Concord News Group