Cameroon’s Higher Education Ministry: Prof. Fame Ndongo on a ‘sex diet’ 0

The Higher Education Ministry has been hit by many scandals over the last decades but none has been as big as the one that might take down the country’s higher education minister, Jacques Fame Ndongo, who is being described by his collaborators as a ‘man on a diet of sex.’

The minister’s office has become the theatre of multiple sex sessions designed to satisfy Mr. Ndongo’s out-of-control libido.

Mr. Ndongo seems to be shooting pornographic movies in his office as he has transformed his office into his own Hollywood.

Young girls, some as young as 21, are permanently streaming to Prof. Fame Ndongo‘s office and the soundtracks emanating from that office shortly after those girls walk into that “Hollywood studio” are always unsettling to the minister’s collaborators who simply want to do their job and head home to their wives and children.

Prof. Fame Ndongo’s sexual misconduct has reduced the higher education ministry into a playground for people to whom sex is medicine.

Some of the minister’s closest collaborators, most of whom are women, have been bedded by the satyr who passes off as a minister.

Some of these women are today senior officials of the ministry and since they are out of favor with the minister due to their ages, they no longer feel valued and are doing their best to sabotage the minister’s work.

According to an official of the Higher Education Ministry who spoke to the Cameroon Concord News correspondent in Yaoundé, Rita Akana, on condition of anonymity, said that some of the disgruntled women who have lost their shine and charm of yesteryears even challenge the minister to the face, causing him to lose authority among his staff.

The source, a man who will soon be retiring and is terribly bitter about the way his career has gone, is now singing like a canary and he is very willing to lay bare everything happening in a ministry which, in his opinion, has been terribly mismanaged by Prof. Ndongo who has run the ministry for close to 20 years.

“How did the Cameroon Concord News Group expect Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo to punish sex criminals like Profs. Molua and Agborbechem who had transformed the University of Buea into their own harem?”

Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo and his protégés – Molua and Agborbechem – are birds of a feather and that was why they were moved out of Buea to escape the media’s scrutiny because of their sexual misconduct,” the source said angrily.

Today Prof. Molua has reconstituted his harem in the University of Douala and he is plying his trade with ease.  However, the Bassas are already tired of his abuse of women and they are hatching a plan to take him down once and for all. For his part, Agborbechem has continued with his bad sex habits in Bamenda and the noise coming out of there is not pleasant. Agborbechem‘s life is at risk and if he does not control his libido, Amba fighters will chop off his penis one of these days. I pray he takes this warning seriously,” our source said.

Prof. Fame Ndongo has made a mess of the Ministry of Higher Education. It is alleged that he has impregnated several married women and the women fear that their husbands might notice the resemblance of their children with the infamous minister of higher education who consumes sex for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To finance his irresponsible behavior, Prof. Fame Ndongo has set up an elaborate scheme within his ministry which puts huge amounts of money in his pocket on a daily basis.

He is now using the creation of tertiary institutions in the country which issue HND certificates as a medium of enriching himself.

He has sidelined the government established commission designed to verify if the proprietors of such schools have the proper infrastructure to run an effective school and is now using emergency methods for those schools to be established without proper facilities.

These schools are now cropping up across the country and his emergency procedure nets him CFAF 3,000,000 per school and the person fronting him is a former driver of his who is supposed to be on retirement but he is always and religiously in the ministry for reasons only known by the minister.

The Cameroon Concord News has already sent a letter to the Presidency for Professor Ndongo to be investigated and another letter will be sent to the Prime Minister to ensure that the monster running the higher education ministry does not ruin the place before he leaves, as it is rumored that he will not be part of the next government.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Editor-in-chief, Cameroon Concord News Group