Cardinal Tumi says Southern Cameroons crisis worsening because of “lack of dialogue” 0

Cardinal Tumi has published a book in which he makes public his position on the Southern Cameroons crisis. Aged 87, the respected man of God continues to make his voice heard in the hot topics of the nation. On the subject of the Anglophone uprising, the archbishop emeritus of Douala said, ” Everything is possible! If we had accepted the dialogue, if we had not suppressed the federation, and this unilaterally, we would not have provoked the youth who are now fighting for the separation of the English-speaking part of the country. A youth that was not yet born at the time of independence! (…) I would opt for the federation in this country. A federation is not a bad thing. I believe in federalism. Our country was already there. But because of economic interests that do not benefit average Cameroonians at all, we have not given a chance to this political experiment that has proven itself elsewhere.”

The 294 page-document contains interviews that the prelate has given for almost 15 years to local and international media houses including the Catholic weekly and L’Effort Camerounais. The first part comprises of fourteen chapters and deals with Tumi’s social and ecclesial gaze. The second part has six chapters and concerns the political and economic vision of the Cardinal.

Tumi says the crisis continues because of “lack of dialogue, “We have to listen to them and try to find out what they want. We must privilege dialogue. When we talk, we solve a lot of problems. The problem is that we did not create a dialogue forum. It’s hard to admit secession. Federalism is possible! The experience of the federation is interesting throughout the world. The best example is the United States with elected governors, “says the man of God.

By Rita Akana, CCN