Celebrating International Women’s Day: Ambazonia leader says Amba women have been exemplary in the struggle 0

Happy women’s day 2021 to all the women of Ambazonia (Takumbeng)

 Amongst many things, this day is a celebration of freedom. Freedom is important and inevitable for Ambazonia. It is my strong belief that this freedom will mean nothing if we are not united, at least in purpose.

 Our freedom will mean nothing if we do not free our minds to forgive and move on. It will amount to nought if we do not act with urgency to come together to liberate Ambazonia from the shackles of the ugly past to which her people have been subjected.

We have always felt the sense of loss which culminated in the need in 2017 to actively defend ourselves from genocide. The urgency of that moment brought us together. There is greater urgency today, in 2021, given the over 500 of our villages burned, over 4,000 of our people incarcerated, over 20,000 killed, over 200,000 as refugees in Nigeria and Ghana, over 1,500,000 displaced within the Homeland and in LRC and over 800,000 of our children out of school for four years and counting.

 You, our mothers, our wives, our sisters and our daughters have been exemplary in this struggle; doing everything to bring our people together towards our common goal – freedom for Ambazonia. You remain the cornerstone of the Ambazonian edifice. You are the reasons for which AMBAZONIA is succeeding. Thanks for your immeasurable sacrifices. Happy Is This Day To Celebrate You

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe

President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia